Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve ― “Uncle knows best. – All the Lost Boys”

Hello book royalists!

If you read the previews review you will understand this: it did move my gears!

I had such a hard time finding a quote for this book that actually moved me or that connect with me directly, so I selected this for the importance that this quote has for this and the next book!

Now, let’s see how it goes for this one!

I am a conflicted soul! The beginning of the book was all nice and I wondered how this book will go. Sometimes I see TV shows and/or books that have lost its north after for some reason the resolution of the main issue happened during the first season and book because then it just seems forced and illogical. The foundation of the story is this one event that you resolved… and after this anything from the series will seem forced and fabricated. Like Riverdale or Gossip Girl. I have mentioned this on the previews review but I am trying to make a point here.

Tech Summary: Read from December 21, 2018, to December 22, 2018.

Now, this book was nice and something that I like a lot is how the author plays with time. Two years passed and that for me makes sense, there are no human beings that will be able to handle hell breaking loose day after day. Reeve manages to move from one conflict to the other in such a great manner. There aren’t, for me at least, deus ex machinas… there are machines though… (pun intended… I am sorry T_T) I like a lot how Reeve plays with melancholy! Those characters that you liked and deal with in book one, you see them again, or how the lost ones are back! How every single action in this book started another 100 reactions!

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This book, to be honest, made feel so many emotions! that is why even though it is not the best book ever, I was so inclined into a high rating! I was so infuriated and sad at the beginning! Also with part of the ending… the unfairness as Tom would say… but at the end, they moved on with their lives… literally! This book is packed with action and with betrayal of all sorts!

If you like sagas, quick reads, and something completely different, you will like this! Feel the melancholy! Feel it!!

PS: I still don’t get the logic of moving cities but oh well xD

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