Find Me – André Aciman –”The magic of someone new never last… is those we lost or those we didn´t know exist that leave a mark”

“Find Me” is exactly what all readers were expecting. This sequel is the perfect conclusion for a story that marked millions of people around the world. Aciman does an incredible job weaving a tale that not only resonated with millions of people but also that exploits the most intimate thoughts of loss, desire, passion, and love.

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I craved viciously for closure. To fill that gap that Aciman left on “Call Me By Your Name” and the 20 years of blank space. I had a feral need for more, a need to know them better, to get to the ending, and release my breath that I never knew I was holding for them. Lives that were lived incorrectly for fear and pressure, years that were partially thrown away, people met that changed their lives and that put in action towards something that shouldn’t have stopped. The story and the power of it resonated with me. I felt that old pain, and old fear that nothing was good enough because that person was not there.

Aciman plays with great mastery around the “if”, possibilities, and expectations from the readers and the characters of the book. He develops a story that goes deeper into the mind of those 3 characters that changed the course of the story and also that changed the life of each other. As I listened to his book, I would recommend those to read it first. Although the narration is incredible, there is nothing like reading the words and play them in your head. My impatience to get answers drove me to listen to this book none stop even when I had to listen on a CD. I regret finishing it so fast as it shortened the “Find Me” adventure but I don’t regret reaching that delicious ending.

Thank you Macmillan Audio for giving me the book to listen and for awarding me on this giveaway.

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