Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson ― “A lot of times when I think I’m being self-sufficient, I’m really just learning to live without the things that I need.

I have read a few books here and there that fall into magic realism. We know what magic is – and no, I am not talking about the card game – and we know what realism is: writing about the world we live in. So, put 1 and 1 together and what we have? 3 – I am not good at math…- but I know that magic realism is “writing about reality with magic elements”! Like a corporeal dream to the past like in “A Tale for the Time Being” – which I recommend – or like seeing your kids catching fire.

Honestly, the kids are on fire! For those of you who have children… have you ever thought that your kid is about to burst into flames out of the tantrum he or she is throwing? This is a rhetorical question, so it does not matter the answer… just listen to this book.

“Nothing to See Here” is a short but intense novel that deals with female friendship and the responsibilities of motherhood – mainly taking care of what and who you love – Lilian was kicked out of school and now lives a mediocre existence, and Madison, her rich friend, offers her a job that will change Lillian’s life. As we listen through the recounts of Lillian’s misadventures and new job, we explore between laughs the normalcy of “family” and inheritance as a poetic retribution. As the narration moves into weird and hilarious interactions (mole people, fire demons, and paranormal medicine), Marin Ireland, the narrator of the audio version, enhances Wilson’s masterful character creation.

As fire can have many meanings such as destruction and power, it also symbolizes warmth and home (Hestia and the hearth), but regardless of the meaning you wish to give to it, the brilliance of “Nothing to See Here” is enough to light a bonfire worth seen.

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