Take your books everywhere! – Is Inkish Kingdoms moving to Panama?

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You say why Panama? And I say why not?

We could be traveling to India, Japan, France, Brazil… but we are choosing Panama because it is beautiful!

As we are all used to travel every single time we start reading a new book, we still love, crave and want to visit other countries on our way… and although we wish to take our pets with us, we take what we love the most… our books! And when moving those are the first things we pack, and if we run out of boxes… we actually don’t care because the books are saved.

As I am writing this I listening to “Dear Edward” which is about a plane crash that killed everybody but one teenager and his struggles with copying and understanding what is going on with his world, but trust me when I say that I might be freaking out because that is not the book to listen or read days prior taken a plane. However, that is not the only book we are talking with us!

As I have big plans for 2020 regarding reading, stay tuned, we are starting this trip with 2 books!

This was a Christmas present by the amazing book blogger Skye (Books In The Skye)! In this amazing book, we review and experience the amazing growth in transgender literature! With Meredith Russo´s first book If I Was Your Girl we move to another story in which 2 boys are best friends, but as live start happening and they move away from each other, they start wondering if their friendship is strong enough to understand and love who they really are and supposed to be.

Paul Pen has become one of my favorite authors of all times and he keeps on writing interesting and new stories! This is like not only Paul´s work but also Simon´s skill when translating his books. Paul is from Spain and he writes in Spanish (hence the translation). Leo gets a note that simply advises him to avoid one place, at one time, or he will day… but the important element here is that this place, he should avoid, is where a murder became folklore. So why would he be there? and who is sending him this note? Is he really in danger? This was an ARC from the author because I keep on bugging him with his books, haha and I am excited to get read it NOW!

Oh and by the way… no, we are not conquering another country, but we are just checking it around… we are staying where we are haha

Who is the author that you keep on bugging on Twitter?

If you liked what I wrote and/or if you wish to comment or discuss, come and do it!

Thank you for reading!

“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”

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