A Rat! What will the Inkish Kingdoms book horoscope be this year?

Happy new year everybody!!! No, we are not late to the party! Happy Chinese New year! I am super excited to see how this horoscope will go for all of us! Check this out and let us help you with your decision! Check us on Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and other sites for our book photography, reviews on-demand, indie reviews, and memes!


The moment has finally come! New beginnings and new dreams; therefore, the year of The Metal Rat! 2020 is the year in which all of your dreams will come true and the Chinese Year is supporting this hope! The rat is the first animal of the Chinese Horoscope, and it symbolizes new beginnings!
This year brings promises of strength, prosperity, and luck, so leave 2019 in the past! Buckle up and get ready for the colorful and sumptuous festival that will initiate the year in which our dreams, goals, aspirations, and hobbies can finally evolve into reality!
Let us take a sneak peek of what 2020 will be!

A year of creative energy and opulence!

The Chinese year will start, officially, on January 25th! Therefore, for this festivity, we better wear jewelry and fancy clothing! The rat loves opulence and for that, we have to welcome it with excessive wealth! What better way is there for us to get in touch with opulence than by reading:
Crazy Rich Asians

A year of career success!

Metal is an astral element on this calendar, so all that actions that we take this year will be marked by success! Be determined! Mark your goals! Work for them, be relentless, and the rat will provide! and how better ways to achieve this if not by reading:
Big Magic

A year of peaceful love!

Although 2019 seemed to have been unpredictable for love matters, 2020, at least the first part, will be more harmonious! However, the second part of 2020 will be more tumultuous with dishonesty and distrust! So let us start this year with some sweet and harmonious tumultuous romance!
The Sun is Also A Star

A year of tranquility and order!

Being honest, we must have order in our lives, and there is a perfect way for us to achieve that! Work hard, be relentless, work towards your goals, and remember to open your life to new things! Out with the old and in with the new! Regular New Year’s behavior and Marie Kondo bring us her wisdom on this! The life-Changing magic of tidying up

Hope this new year is full of love, peace, opulence, tranquility, and success!

What are other books that you could recommend to me for any of these topics?

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“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”

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