Birthday ― Meredith Russo ― “I’ve been thinking things that scare me—about not wanting to be alive anymore—and I need help.”

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Birthday by Meredith Russo is another introspection into the struggles and live of being transgender in a highly patriarchal society. – Inkish Kingdoms

The story of Erick and Morgan is so sweet and tender that gave me cavities and the ending was too much for my taste. Yes, a happy ending for the trans girl and cliché phrases. The “problem” I have is not with the character per se but with the writing of itself. How the author decided to make her a “famous” YouTuber by luck because “oh silly me I just wanted to start a video diary and I went viral *laughs while sipping tea*. I guess the author wanted to give a message of “be yourself and everything would work out”? Maybe, I don’t know.

Sometimes while reading this title and seeing the spiral of despair, denial, and pain that drove the main character into a self-destructive road felt so exasperating. Objectively speaking, I know and understand the coming out process is really difficult, and I understand that coming to terms with the fact that your body simply is not the right one, well is hard, confusing and scary, but sometimes I felt so exasperated with the main character and her destructive speech.

This title was incredible when given you this feeling of being powerless. It was so good with all the struggles that I guessed half of the plot by the 42% of the book. Moving to the other character, I was expecting something less “obvious” —-> he liked his friend because he was girly or because he looked like a girl at that moment, and he was “relieved” and loved her finally and “everything” made sense for him because “hey! She is a transgender woman! So that makes me straight!” as if being straight is the ideal state.

I would have loved him to love the other person for that merely reason: “the person” not the gender, just… love the person… I understand the story is of accepting and loving the main character as transgender, but it would have been INCREDIBLE for it to be more soulful than that but that is me hoping a different slot twist. At the end, what happened in the story must be seen as a success story for all those trans women who want to be accepted and be called what they are: women.

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