Best books to read when you have to #StayHome and when practicing Social Distancing!

In these times of quarantine, we need to keep calm and hang on! We need to avoid the mass hysteria and the hoarding of sanitizing products since we all need to be healthily and protected to avoid the spreading of any virus or sickness! A lot of us have been sent to work from home to stay safe, so we better stay at home! So, if you are paying too much attention to the mass hysteria going on and you are wondering what you are going to do while staying “trapped” at home – which I find weird since I would love never to get out but that is just me… – you better start reading something that will put your mind at ease!

Distract yourself from what is going outside and start making the best out of what you have! So what are some good books to read in times of undefining quarantine?

I have made a small list of the best books to read and great sagas that can keep you entertained for hours or even days! So get ready! Sanitize your hands! Don´t touch your face and let´s dig into these books!

The Stand

Apocalyptic enough, Stephen King published this book back in 1978! Is he a prophet? Is he guessing how the world will end? Honestly, I can see the world ending or better put, I can see us ending this world in so many different ways so something is up to hit the bullseye at some point! So as the world is ending and 99% of the population is wiped out, we get to see how the survivors in their panic and, justified, mass hysteria are forced to pick a side! A juggernaut of more than a thousand pages! This will keep up entertained! Get it here now

Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones, you will not only have 5 humongous books to read but also hours of steaming to go through! We all know what they are about, but there you will have a total of 5167 pages to get into during this stay at home times! Assuming that my math is right – my pond is languages, not math so excuse me if the number turns out to be more! Get it here now

I am Number 4

One of my all-time favorite sagas! Not only the main series has 7 books, approximately 2800 pages and hours of enjoyment, but there are also lost files and a sequel to the first saga of 3 books! And more lost files! So this is one hell of a ride and simply so good to get into! And the movie is good! Just watch it first and then you read the books! That way you can enjoy it… and then bash it! Ha! Get it here now

The Percy Jackson Universe

We moved from thick and complex stories, with hundreds of events and characters to young adult and “children´s” books with this and the previous pick! After reading the whole Game of Thrones saga and The Stand you need some light and funny reading so these are simply the perfect ones for you! 5 books in the Percy Jackson Saga + 5 more books on The Lost Hero books + The Trials of Apollo? I mean you have there 15 books to dive into and enjoy to your heart’s content! Get it here now (Take advantage of the 3×2 sale!)

Zebulon Finch!

This one has been resting on my TBR and shelves for a while! Dived in 2 volumes of around 1200 pages total, we have Zebulon Finch a resurrected character that has gone through some of the most difficult times of humanity! From the Great Depression to the Second World War, we see how the fightsGet, loves, hates and overcomes his complicated life! Get it here

So there is nothing to worry about! You have plenty to do while you stay at home! So please do yourself and the others a favor, and stay at home! Happy reading!

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