5 beautiful books to start your classic book collection!

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If you have been following us on Twitter, you might have seen that I am totally obsessed with looking for books and new versions of the ones that I have! Book hauling is an addiction that bookworms can relate to! And there isn’t anything bad about that since at the end we will get to read them all… at some point…

This list is specially curated for those that love immortal classics and that don’t mind rereading them every time possible because it does not matter how many times to read them you still find them fascinating! I have added in this list some of my favorite books of all time! So when I mean to say it is curated, I mean it!

Having a huge book collection is beautiful! But with this list you will make sure to have some beautiful covers and high-quality recommendations!

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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This by far is my favorite book of all time! I have read it in Spanish; I have listened to it narrated by Ben Barnes, which was THE experience, so when I tell you that you have to get this book, I mean it. Oscar Wilde might have poured too much of his life and self in this book which is what made “The Picture of Dorian Gray” a masterpiece that marks his career in so many ways: first we created a world time classic that made him famous but also leads him to poverty after the crown and society judge him for all the vices this book cover. If you get to read this book, you will understand why it was impossible not to fall in love with Dorian Gray.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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I remember reading this book in Spanish when I was around 14 years old, and I fell in love with it! I wanted to know the origin of such a monster and I discover it finally! Then, I rediscovered this book when I was in college and read and incredible study on how Stevenson, as well as Wilde, put so much of society in this book. I love how Gothic “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is with its labyrinth-like alleyways, the strong presence of de-evolution, a concept that terrified the Victorians back then, the symbolism of the relationship between this two personalities and the implication if its name, and more importantly the inevitable and forbidden presence of homosexuality in the story.


The Island of Doctor Moreau

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So, my time in college had so many incredible books due to a professor that I had was so into dark and Gothic novels! H.G. Wells is famous for these sci-fi novels and how they either bring hope or despair to the readers and in times of the covid19 pandemic, we can totally go back to his titles to find support. “The Island of Doctor Moreau” falls into my favorite literary movement, romanticism, and dark romanticism. I love how this movement though that we had to go back to our origins and rediscover nature, and how nature, regardless of our “power”, will always take back the world. And we see this on how animals are taking the cities and pollution is disappearing as we take a thousand steps back.


Free Delivery on all Calendars at the Book Depository

The Woman in White

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One of the first novels that mixed Gothic horror with psychological realism and also a pioneer in the “sensation novels”, Wilkie Collins used his legal training also to write a story that can be considered a great start for detective and crime novellas. “The Woman in White” has been considered the #23 of the top 100 greatest novels of all time, which makes me wonder, why haven’t you read it? and if you have, how come you don’t have this version? I have read a few of the sensation novels from the Victorian times, and I must tell you that the plot twits and imagination of these authors are outside of their era!

Heart of Darkness

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Not Victorian for a chance, but Conrad’s novel tells the adventures of Marlow while navigating the up the Congo river when he was looking for the European and ivory trader Kurtz who has gained a godlike figured and is worshiped and feared by invaders as well as natives. “Heart of Darkness” is a recount and the dark evil power that imperialism not only had in Africa but in all the world.



Free Delivery on all Calendars at the Book Depository

I have my BookDepository cart full with this book and some other more because I cannot resist these incredible stories together with this unique and international covers!

Which ones are you picking?

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5 beautiful books to start your seamlessly classic book collection!

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Free Delivery on all Calendars at the Book Depository

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