Get your reading corner ready for these 5 comfort books! While Social Distancing!

I have been watching the news a lot – which is not good for my psyche… and I think it is not good for anybody´s psyche – and although I have been busy working from home and studying from home, I feel a bit overwhelmed with all that is happening with the covid19  (coronavirus), the quarantine and the curfew speculation.

I think that as a good citizen that is trying its best to help as much as I can by staying home and voiding the mass hysteria in shopping, I need books that can make me relax and help to forget for a while about all this madness, and honestly, I think you need this also.

Thus since I want to read books that will bring me comfort, I created this list of the most comforting books to read at this moment! So if you have been wondering which books to read to make you forget these hard times or which books to read that will bring you comfort, and if you are up to snuggle your pillow or in your bed with a book, these are my recommendations!

Highly Illogical Behavior

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If you are into comfort food, I offer you comfort books! and this is simply the most amazing, hilarious, and heartwarming book I can think of right now! Solomon suffers from agoraphobia so he cannot get out of his house, relatable…, but that does not mean that you cannot get into this house! So Lisa and his boyfriend Clark have a personal goal, which is to help Solomon to overcome his phobia.

Buy it here for $12

The Gravity of US

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Fresh from the oven, “The Gravity of Us” has such a dramatic tone and a need to express how we are so willing to make our lives public and become famous for the wrong reasons. As he struggles with his future and his present, we see how Cal attempts to create his own life while still supporting his family and love interests!

Buy it here for $8

Nothing to See Here

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Who needs a good laugh? Do you? Well, I feel you! I need to laugh and to distract myself, and there is nothing as good and fast to read than Nothing to See Here, but the thing is that there is a lot to see! What would you do if you see your bursting in flames? This story is simply so well written and so crazily original that will make you laugh and maybe even cry for all the good reasons.

Buy it here for $13

Dear Edward

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Eduard is so lucky, but he does not feel that way. He was on a plane, and it crashed killing everybody but him. From there, we have Edward’s story as he tries to survive in a world that he was not supposed to be in or at least he feels that way. Growing up and finding its way back to the world of the living is a total struggle for Edward.

Buy it here for $18

A World in Blue

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This is such a beautiful short novel! Danni Maxwell tells such a perfect, romantic, page-turning story that will make you want to puke out of perfection and sweetness! I am all about the gays, the happy gays, the sad gays – the gays in general actually-, so this is a must-read! Listen, read this for you, read this for me, but mainly, read it for Maxwell who deserves her novel to be known!

Buy it here for $3

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“Find your peace, find your joy, find your book, and never let go”

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