5 vampire books to read for Halloween!

Prove that we are children of the night…

So… we have finally reached this month! Against all odds, the world is still standing, and humanity is still fighting back! The nights are quiet, and the days are desolated. We are all cloistered at home, and others cannot enter unless we give them our permission. Based on lore, they can see us from our windows, but they cannot enter unless they lure us into giving them permission!

123 years ago, we were all terrified! We were fearful of becoming children of the night! We crossed ourselves multiple times and spit on the ground just by hearing his name… The Count was there in his castle, and we locked our doors and windows when the night felt on us. However, almost a hundred years later, we don’t fear him, but we celebrate him because on May 26, it will be Dracula’s 123rd birthday! And how not to celebrate the incredible anniversary of one the books that literally changed the world’s lore history? There are no vampires without Dracula… There are no blood sucking creatures without Dracula; he is the first one and also the best one of his kind!

To celebrate the lore and the incredible presence of vampires among us, we come again with a list of 5 books that bring to the light of night their most horrifying stories and events! So get your holy water and your garlic necklace ready because we are about to immerse ourselves in a world of lust and darkness!

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian by [Elizabeth Kostova]

Elizabeth Kostova wrote this juggernaut of a book, 26 hours the audiobook, and also there is a rare and unique Dracula version where she wrote the foreword… Elizabeth is simply a Dracula lover, and I cannot help but expect this to be a monstrous creation! The Historian follows the story of this woman whose father was almost ruined by following the lore and history of Vlad the Impaler and his relation with Dracula. A story full of myths, monasteries, shadowed corners, and a round trip to madness is what waits for this historian as she tries to find the truth and to understand whether the power of darkness that covers Vlad’s bloody story and fame is real or simply a hell of a story.


Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rise

Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, Book 1) by [Anne Rice]

Anne Rise or the queen of the vampires is well known for her modern classic of lust and vampires. A modern Gothic story that revives the legacy of horror and lust that Dracula created when published. A story that only she could have written; Interview with the Vampire is a chilling, suspenseful, and lustful story narrated from the undead voice of this vampire, who started his road to darkness back in 1791 in the colonial Louisiana.


The Southern Book Club’s guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires: A Novel by [Grady Hendrix]

Recently published, TSBCGSV (because that is one hell of a name) tells the story on how a group of housewives start a book club of crime fiction, real crime, and suspenseful stories, which turns wrong eventually. As a new neighbor arrives, they start to suspect that these horrible events, the disappearing of children, is somehow linked to him. However, only these book club women think that this new comer and the events are related, which makes them wonder if this is a Ted Bundy kind of character or if he is more like a Kurt Barlow kind of man?


Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

We have only heavy fighters of horror here! There might be hundred of stories about vampires but “Salem’s Lot” is one of the most hopeless and enigmatic stories ever. Inspired in his love for Stokers’s classic and his love for horror, Stephen King delivers one of his most terrifying monsters, the embodiment of evil and a superior of the devil, a new vampire that has hunted thousands of readers since his publication. Honestly… one of the best ever written stories of Stephen King.


The Strain by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro

A plane goes dark… a plane goes silent, and nobody knows what is going on. A war is brewing and only Abraham Setrakian a former professor survival of the holocaust knows what is going on. When the war against this vampiric virus starts and threatens to take Manhattan down, a crew of survivors get together to save their city. A novel of Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro promises a masterpiece of storytelling of nightmarish proportions!​


Are you a child of the night? I am slowly finding my way to all these books, next to finish The Historian! Which one are you picking?

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    1. Yeah I have read that xD endings are hard man xD but I actually like this one? Because is so open and so hopeless and you just don’t know what happened … I mean I think you do… but it is like you can’t defeat evil xD I like how ominous it is xD

      Liked by 1 person

  1. For BEST Vampire Books Ever read: Skipp & Spector’s THE LIGHT AT THE END ! Its about vampires living in the Subways of NYC, where its always dark……..
    Absolutely the best finish of a novel yet! You’ll be breathing hard, and then close the book…..


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