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5 books to read for Pride Month!

It is Pride Month and we should find different ways to bring awareness to the constant fight for justice, visibility to sexual, genre, and cultural diversity, and the importance of human rights.

Let’s remember why Pride is possible, who were the ancestors who riot for justice and for all our rights. We all are family and we should stand together. Remember our BIPOC queer ancestors.

Just to let you know, on March 26th Costa Rica declared same-sex marriage legal in all the country! So now they can live the best lives they can with their love partners, and although the fight is far from being over, we still need to fight and show how proud we are of our diversity and of being humans!

So if at some point you find yourself looking for some new LGBTQI+ stories to read and recommend, give these ones a try!

Remember, if you can, support the #blacklivesmatter movement! You can do so in so many places but you can also access Black Visions Collective to support

We are totally normal

Nanda wants his senior year to be perfect, but what he didn’t have in mind or cover in his plans was to make out with his best friend. Although he is not sure if he likes him or not, he does not stops wondering why his best friend since he has never being into guys. As the story evolves and Nanda keeps questioning his identity he has to figure out who he is and what he wants. I mean look at the cover! The guy with glasses… although it is an animation he looks good… just saying.

Buy it for only $9.99

Buy it for only $18

The Fascinators

Sam lives in a world were magic exists and sadly… also high school. He needs his best friends to stay with him to make it out alive. However, his plans are a bit crush when James, his best friend, gets involved with some sketchy people and Sam might be in love with him. While Delia is simply tired of their basic magic club. I don’t know what I like the most, the melancholic summer sunset of the cover, or the fact that they are both there together questioning their existence.

Buy it for only $10.99

Buy it for only $21

The Henna Wars

Nishat has a dilemma… accept who she is but doing so might lead her to lose her family, but everything gets more complicated when her childhood friend Flavia walks back into her life… and Nishat cannot do anything besides fall for her hard. As the story cooks up and their relationship gets entangle in the henna wars, Nishat has to either choose her family by staying hidden or give Flavia and herself a try. I love how culturally rich this sounds. The idea of them being henna artists and how this is such a deep element of their culture makes me want to wonder, why I haven’t started this already?

Buy it for only $9.99

Buy it for only $19

Felix Ever After

What… is … with… all… these… covers? Felix is simply stunning and he has never being in love, but he wants to as everybody seems to be happy and in love. However, what scares Felix the most is that he is “one marginalization too many—Black, queer, and transgender—” which makes him question if he will ever find his happily-ever-after. Victim of transfobic attacks by an anonymous classmate, he plans revenge only to find out that he has too much still to learn about himself. I cannot simply put in words how important and how beautiful this story sounds, a must to start reading it and a must to share it with everyone.

Buy it for only $10.99

Buy it for only $20

Like a love story

Not only this book has the Stonewall badge but also is set in the late 80s and early 90s! Just what I love! In the middle of the AIDS pandemic and the ominous television of the news and the population’s health, Reza an Iranian boy moves to the city. He knows he is gay but he simply does not know anything else besides what the television tells him. However, as he starts dating Judy, he cannot help but start getting closer to her best friend, the only open gay teen in their school. I honestly cannot tell you how HARD I hit the buy button for this book! I love the story, the romance, the drama and mostly the authors Iranian’s voice.

Buy it for only $2.99

Buy it for only $14

I love, to be honest, how diverse this list is! Not only for the themes and topics it covers but also for how the authors represent different characters that seems to culturally rich and strong! I don’t know about you, but I have already purchased some of these books, but the important question is.

Which one are you picking?

Success! You're on the list.

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