5 books to celebrate Pride Month!

Reading queer books from queer authors is the best way to support them and the equality movement. I have already done a list like this about other multi-cultural authors that deserved to be heard and supported as well, so make sure to check them out!

For some of us readers and bloggers, we consume a lot of content and the bank account sometimes suffers a bit, so we have to take advantage on some sales so that we can make as much buzz as possible about all the books we read! So we have this list of queer authors and queer stories that are a must-read! (and you will be saving money!)

Remember, if you can support the #blacklivesmattter movement, do so! You can find Ways to help the BLM movement here

“Let´s Talk About Love” by Claire Kann is the story of Alice a girl who had her summer planned to be perfect! She had it all planed out! and she even worked at the library, what else can she ask for? For her girlfriend… but she is no longer there since she told her that she, Alice, was asexual, but then to her life comes Takumi and she cannot help but start to fall for this new guy.

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life” by Benjamin Alire Saenz, author of the incredible book Aristotle and Dante, is the story of Sal who used to know his place with his adoptive gay father and with his best friend, Samantha. But it’s senior year, and suddenly Sal is over come with the an existential crisis to define himself and to figure our who he is. I honestly think I have taken long enough to read this… I have it already! What am I waiting for?

When the Moon Was Ours” by Anna-Marie McLemore. I mean I love the title! I want to discover the secrets of the universe in someone’s palm, give the sun to someone, and share the moon with that person! Sam and Miel have been friends for ever! They are together as the moon and the stars! Atmospheric, mysterious and simply sweet, the story if these two kids gets entangled in a beautiful prose, the secret Miel hides and what is is willing to do to keep it hidden.

You Know Me Well” by David Levithan, author of Two Boys Kissing, and Nina LaCourt, co-wrote the powerful story of Mark and Kate. They have been sitting next to each other for over a year but they have never cross words until they finally did in the most extraordinary and wild circumstances. Mark is in love with his friend Ryan, but he is not sure if it is mutual and Kate just ran away from the girl she has been in love since ever! So this night when they find each other, they never realized how important they will be for each other. (Guess who has bought all the books from this list? Yes! me!)

“If I was Your Girl” by Meredith Russo is the story of Amanda, a teenager girl that only wanted to live her life and finish high school, make friends and fit in. Then comes to her life Grand an charismatic and easy going guy, and she cannot help it but start falling for him, but she has a secret… a secret that her name used to be Andrew. This is the first ever book that I read about a transgender girl written by a transgender woman, and it was all that I expected and wanted it to be. It is simply outstanding and easy to read. Check my review if you want further words about it.

I have never read anything by Patrick Ness, but there is always a first time! In “Release” Adam’s life is about to change completely! Between his religious family, a deeply unpleasant ultimatum from his boss, and his own unrequited love for his sort-of ex, Enzo, Adam’s life is thrown into chaos when he starts questioning his love for his current boyfriend, until he realizes that he has to let go of the tights of this world to find freedom!

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  1. swordsandspectres Avatar

    I just read a really good one (horror ARC from a publisher called Crystal Lake. It’s called 324 Abercorn buuuut its not out until July. Looking forward to writing the review 👌

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    1. Caesar H. Avatar

      Cool! Happy you liked it! 😀

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