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Drag Queen Books- RuPaul and a legacy

The Legacy of RuPaul the most iconic drag queen that change the industry.

I couldn’t believe that RuPaul’s Drag Race had existed for 7 years, when I finally discovered it… 7 seasons later and the only reason why I think I got to discover it was when my boyfriend talked me into watching the show and I was hocked hard!

Even during Uni days, a professor she was always making joking and doing references to the show and looking at me when she did expecting recognition and my approval as the only queer kid in the room, together with her, and I was just smiling and nodding while I was burning inside with shame. I mean I was faking that I had watched RuPaul? Maybe, but it was a partial lie because I knew how RuPaul is… I mean who does not?

So, while watching the show I saw him working hard on marking this show, music, and books and I find that to be quite interesting and funny because the way it was done was so obvious and absurd… just like the challenges of having queens promoting a made up product.

GuRu! I mean it is so smart the whole dialogue of the show and who they sell them! I love a good word game. Like her name is RuPaul and the book is Guru.. but like GuRU? Get it? Of course you did, you are heard for it. So this is an illustrated book, perfect for your coffee table, with dozens of pictures of RuPaul with the approach of selp-help and motivation while still being hilarious! The audiobooks is narrated by herself! So if you want the full experience, what are you waiting for? Be mindful that this is a book of pretty much quotes and images, not much to read there. That is why the audiobook is perfect.

Buy it here for $14.55

Workin’ It! is what way think about when we say “pop culture”. In this small but rich book, RuPaul shares tips of fashion, glamour, style, beauty, and confidence for EVERYBODY. Someone with a career like Ru has a lot to offer to its fans and those who are still trying to find themselves in a world that is stops.

Buy it here for $14.49

I mean… this was published back in 1995… and Drag, Ru, and the world have spin too many times for use all not to change. In this incredible difficult book to find, which is extremely expensive, you can find the old wisdom. Part autobiography and part “how-to”, RuPaul tells her story from her childhood and how it was to be born in California in a house of incredible women. She not only tells her career and the path she follows to start-doom but also the struggles of being different (gay, black, and drag queen).

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