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Ultimate guide to use your Audible subscription for what is worth!

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You might know me well enough to know that I am a big fan of any kind of content. For me a book, no matter the format, is a valid way of reading, and although people insist on fighting over if ebooks and audiobooks count, I am not here to fight that fight again – although it counts as reading – what I cam here today to do is to tell you how to make the best out of your Audible membership!

For this, tips I did an extensive reading and research on their help pages!

A credit for expensive books

With your Audible plan you get credits (a token that you exchange for an audiobook), you can use one of your credits to buy any book from the site! What I recommend is to use those credits to buy books that are more than 14.95, the regular membership price… It would be a waste to use a credit that can get you any book to buy a $5 book, don’t you think?

Sign up for the sales and promos to see the daily deal

You can always do this on your account, as any other plan. If you have a membership, you will have the chance to buy daily a book that is at a discounted price! And by discounted I mean BIG BUCKS discounts.

Earn badges because they are fun!

I love anything that goes with stats! I look at the stats on Instagram, on this page, and on anything that I manage, and Audible is not the exception. The more you listen, the more the count goes up! I am aiming to listen to a total of 365 days which is around… 8760 hours! Other badges that you can earn is for listening again and again the same book, for listening really long books, or for simply sharing your listening progress! (which is another way to tell how much you have listen so that you can update your Goodreads status).

No credits? get 30% off!

Most of the time, I run out of credits too fast… and audiobooks tend to be a bit more expensive than any other content (I guess that for all the production and sound engineering that it has – I mean I recorded a 5 minutes IGTV episode and I spend 2 hours editing, so imagine a 12 hour audiobook), but Audible gives you a 30% off if you pay with your credit card! and If you buy the Kindle book and it has audio, you might even get it for way less than that!

Ultimate guide to use your Audible subscription for what is worth!

Too much time and not enough credits? Get free Plus content!

Just like Netflix, Audible has its own content and it is great! I love that they have all this production behind and the special effects and sounds and all that, and they give you a catalog of thousand of books! So, if you ran out of credits and you are in a tight budget, get your free ones!

You need something short? Audible Shows and Podcasts!

To make this simple, those are podcast that you have access to for free, as long as you are an Audible member (some will still be available after canceling). They are, usually, content narrated in episodes, so if you have only 30 mins or so to listen to something, you can listen on of these. My favorite podcast is the one called Audicted, by the Audible Editors, and it is so funny and they give you a LOT of recommendations, but for an audioshow I have a few more to recommend!

Ultimate guide to use your Audible subscription for what is worth!

Want to sleep better? Sleep Collection!

Audible Sleep Collection Free for Audible Members

Yes, they do have books that are made to sleep! It has happened to be that I listen before going to bed and I woke up 40 mins later without realizing that I just missed around 40 minutes of the book! So, why don’t you do that but with books made to sleep? They are free and I just simply love the ones that I have tried! BTW, if you like Nick Jonas, then why don’t you go to sleep why he tells you some stories?

Want to be up to date with news? Newspapers subscription for free!

Okay, so digital is the new way to get informed, and Audible has a free newspaper subscriptions that you get included with your Audible plan. You can get The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post! Get them daily! Don’t spend time watching TV or paying an extra subscription for that!

There isn’t much left for me to say for you to make the best out of this plan! You don’t get only the credits you get a whole world of education, entertainment, and news updates! Stay in a budget or simply prepare your ears for the incredible experience! If you ever need audiobook recommendations, check out this blog! We have multiple way to devour your accumulating credits! (Audiobooks to get busy!)

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  1. You are a godsend! This post is so helpful. I’ve been trying to listen to more audiobooks, just to try different forms of reading, and Audible always seems to have the best collection. Libby is great (#supportourlibraries) but most times I can’t find the books I want.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know how that works haha but Audible usually has the most recent books available 🙂 I love the originals one because I get to try new things haha

      Great to hear this works for you! Hopefully more people will see it haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! Libby is for users of the OCPL (Orange County Public Libraries). We can borrow eBook and audiobooks for up to 3 months!

        Audible is great for everyone, though. Especially for those who prefer to own their books. And I love the content and deals you mentioned. I really do need to get started on Audible.

        And I’m sure they will 💕💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh and you can borrow as many as you want? or they have limited “copies” to give away?

        Awww thank you so much! I am a bit obsess with them and I enjoy so much what they can offer XD It is like my kindle, I love to go into the library and see what I have there haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You can borrow as many books as you’d like, but there’s only one copy available for each book. So sometimes you feel pressured to return the book as soon as possible haha

        Liked by 1 person

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