Chosen Ones― Veronica Roth ― “Nature is bloody, and as a whole, it favors strength over compassion.”

I have always admired Veronica’s work and writing. I have love Divergent dearly, and I have defended it since I read them, so when HMH granted my wish to read this book in exchange for an honest review, I felt excited to read myself to sleep.

When it comes to Chosen Ones, I was excited to read it. Veronica Roth books are entertaining, but something didn’t fully click with me with this one. Her writing is incredible, but sometimes it was a bit difficult to keep up with the novel. One moment, there are scenes of action, and then you “flip” the page, and the pace changed so much that you have to go back to make sure you understand what is happening.

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An element that I think is distracting are the poems, stories, letters, and pieces of other “books” in between the main story, I scan through them as most of them did not add much value to the story.

The author wrote this book intending to have you hooked since the beginning. Veronica’s decision to narrate the story of the heroes 10 years after they fought is intriguing because you want to know what the mystery is, or what messed them up so much, but, again, Roth changes the story-line and narrates the story in another timeline. Once in this new timeline and pace, I find the story to give some disappointing and predictable turns.

“Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s worth doing.”

Besides this, I hold my ground saying this book is entertaining and with some potential. I am not sure how the sequel will turn out, but I will love to see it for myself.

chosen ones book review

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