Audible Plus: get way more audiobooks for way less!

Audible has been an avant-garde company in matters of audio content! Not only they have audiobooks, they have audio dramas, they have audio adaptations of graphic novels, which are incredible, and they have provided throughout the years multiple features and benefits, but, this time, they have throw the house out the window because they just came out with an unlimited listening version!

I am no referring to the great Audible Escape that is mainly romance and sweet stories of love for when we need to get out of this horrible life we have…. *sobs*, but this is more open! More unlimited! Faster and greater!

Previously on the article the Ultimate Guide to use Audible for what is worth I mentioned how you can use this service and squeeze every penny you pay for this subscription, but this is just way too good to leave it there! So…

The Audible Plus Catalog is a list of audiobooks that you will have access to as long as you have an Audible Premium Plus which offers the same benefits as the old Gold/Platinum plans! Remember when Audible gave you a list of originals for you to pick only 2? and then they let you pick up to 10 or so? Well, now you can borrow or stream as many books as you want within the catalog! Without paying anything extra!

What does that mean? Simply put: if you are an audio devour or audiobook/book/ebook lover, you can listen all day long and as much as you want without restrictions!

The audiobooks, and even podcast, that you can listen to without limit are the ones in the Audible Plus Catalog, or the ones that have the little orange tag INCLUDED.

So, if you are new at this or you want to give it a try, you are in the right place! Because I have listed below my all time favorite books that are part of this new benefit!

Alien: Out Of The Shadows is the very first book I listened to that had such amazing special effects! If you love space operas and monsters, this audio experience is just marvelous! Get scared with the screams of the universe vanquisher: Alien!

Treasure Island by, the one and only, Robert Louis Stevenson! Immerse in the beautify of the sea! Listen the actual pirates talking while listening in the background the waves crashing! A perfect escape from lock down! A safe way to be at the beach without actually being surrounded by strangers!

Won “The Booker Prize” for 2019! A story by Bernardine Evaristo portraying identity in a moving story that connects a group of British women. In this story, we dive into the a post-Brexit Britain and look directly into the eyes of the colonial Africa and Caribbean and its Britain’s legacy.

There are other great audiobooks to listen to! From classics, to Audible Originals to more recently published books! This is just your moment to sink your teeth into some audiobooks! Don’t be afraid! Try new genres! Remember that with the Audible Plus Catalog you can send the book back if you didn’t like or keep it if you did like it! Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Success! You're on the list.

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