The powerful representation of the antisocial personality disorder – Tell Me Lies by J.P. Pomare

J.P. Pomare dwells in the dark side of the mind and plays with psychological problems to create a chameleon of a story! Enjoy it for free included in your Audible Premium Plus membership! Try it free for 30 days!

Tell Me LiesTell Me Lies by J.P. Pomare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you have made it this far to open this review, you might have seen that we are talking a lot about “antisocial personality disorder”, isn’t it wonderful when we read and learn? and people say that you waste your time by reading, bah!, anyway! While reading “Tell Me Lies”, we came across with multiple psychological talks and analysis, don’t be afraid it is easy to follow and understand. All of this happens because the main character, Margo, is a psychologist with some questioning moral behaviors.

Getting interesting, right? So, we experience this book through the eyes of this psychologist who is dealing, through the yes of her patients, with narcissistic disorders, compulsive lying, dissociation and prone to violence people. However, the biggest and most important diagnosis that we need to review is the “antisocial personality disorder”, mind you this is from the U.S. National Library of Medicine no some Wikipedia reference. The reasons for this happening are unknown but some of the characteristics related to this disorder are being a nice person! Tricky eh? So, you are able to act witty and charming, good at flattery and so good at manipulating other people’s emotions! Then you move deeper into the dark side of the moon! Because they tend to disregard themselves from their own safety and the safety of others, lie, steal and are constantly fighting and lastly, feel no remorse…

Aimee Horne narrator audiobooks Inkish Kingdoms

J.P. Pomare has experience in the creation of thrilling and mysterious reads! This being his third novel has been offered as a recommendation if you loved The Silent Patient, which people cannot stop talking about, me included! Pomare’s mighty style of hiding the obvious and pointing at the unusual gets his title narrated by Aimee Horne which does an incredible job! You are able to follow the story, she has voices for each character, and you get to hate Margo’s daughter! She even is so good creating the Irish accent! Simply a ride to listen to this book! The book was written AND narrated in a way for us, the listeners, to pick a side! To cringe! To feel revolution towards some of the characters and to be shocked out of our socks!

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