4 series to listen for free with your Plus Catalog!

So weeks ago, the new Plus Catalog feature was launched, and I am totally going crazy over it!

Now audiobook lovers can experiencing the beauty of unlimited listening without restriction! The more you listen the more you love it! But remember! This new feature does not only has Audible Originals, but it also has some “hidden” gems that you can enjoy without spending credits or extra money!

For fans of sci-fi!

Do your remember Ender’s Game? Well, Orson Scott Card has written many books and a lot of those are part of the catalog, for example:

Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

Get this audiobook NOW for FREE with your Audible Trial!

In a future not too far away from today, science has managed to create these windows to, literally, go to the past without intervening into the events! So what could happen if a scientist thinks that she can avoid the bloodshed generated by Columbus discovery?

For fans of Literary Fiction!

Do your remember The Fight Club? Well, Chuck Palahniuk’s work is also part of the catalog! Now, chill! Not The Fight Club! But we have:


Get this audiobook NOW for FREE with your Audible Trial!

Palahniuk creates a hell that only he can imagine! Madison is only 13 years old when she died of an overdose of marijuana. She is part of a family of narcissistic and billionaire starts that care more about adopting new toys than actually caring for the old ones… so when she dies, she wakes up in Hell… a hell that is way too good for her as she is pretty much reliving “The Breakfast Club”

For fans of Young Adult and LGBTQIA!

This is literally an old gem! And probably this is where Simon vs The Homo Sapiens agenda comes from!

Geography Club

Get this audiobook NOW for FREE with your Audible Trial!

Sure that he is the only gay in his high school, Russel is shooketh when he realizes that the popular kid of school, star of the baseball team, is gay and, of course, closeted! Then his delusion starts to crumble down when he starts meeting other gay students, and all closeted! So, how can they meet without calling the attention of the school? By having an unnecessary, fictitious, and illogical club!

For fans of Dystopia!

This is totally unknown for me until I saw the synopsis and I simply had to add it to the wish list, because OMG!


Get this audiobook NOW for FREE with your Audible Trial!

A plot of world domination! A plan that is looking to bring humanity to its news and extinct the violent, selfish and religious superstitious species from the face of earth! This war, this plot, this plan is instigated by a colony of… intelligent ANTS! But the final part of the plan is to turn the surface animals against their masters to finish them one and for all! (Look at the cover! It is a cat and his name is Mort(e)!)

For fans of Thrillers and Mysteries!

A full series part of the catalog! A way to listen to content without paying much!

The Ruin

Get this audiobook NOW for FREE with your Audible Trial!

Hilary is dead. Jack died of an overdose and the case is close… until Maude shows up and seems that there are things she is hiding. Cormac is a detective re-investigating those 20-year old deaths. Detective Reilly is under increasing pressure to charge Maude for murder when his colleague Danny uncovers a piece of evidence that will change everything…

So which books are you starting? or which books would you find yourself recommending to your customers?

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  1. Bec @ bec&books Avatar

    This is the first I’ve heard about the change in Audible and if I wasn’t still in love with my Libro.FM and Scribd accounts this might actually sway me. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Love the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Satou Johns Avatar

      Awww great to hear! If you ever want to try it out you know where to come 🙂 it is totally worth it!! :3


  2. Best christmas gifts for 2020 🎁🎄🎄 – INKISH KINGDOMS Avatar

    […] 2: If you wish to get this for you! Go ahead! Keep in mind that they offer the Plus plan wih audio shows, audiobooks, and podcast for only $4.95! Audible Plus Holiday Promotion: Only $4.95/month for the first 6 […]


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