How the Goodreads’ Choice Awards affect me

It actually does not affect me at all… sorry if you where waiting a hate fest haha However, what affects me is people waiting anxiously for the announcement to start complaining about it… I have seen someone doing videos about how he hates this awards because they are just a popularity contest… and I have something to say about that…

Goodreads is not doing the most highly rated books or the most purchased books… they are letting you choose the winner… so… yes…

Now, they do affect me at a certain point… but it is not what you think about: I am always unable to vote or to be a big part of it since I am a slow reader, and I am never on top of the new releases. I have been seldomly able to read a book as soon as it comes out, but I am doing my own fest here!

Below the ones that I voted and read this year! And also the ones that are in my TBR!


Although my pick didn’t win, I did listen to Dear Edward! I did listen to this and was incredible! You can find my review here. I would have love to see this one winning since it did move me and it gives so much to talk about and to analyze. Perfect for a book club!

Mystery & Thriller

The Sundown Motel! I got this during october! If I had known, I woul have tried to read it… but I will be kidding myself! I really liked the premise of the story and the mystery behind it… maybe next year we will se what I think about this book!


The house of Cerulean Sea. If you know us, we are obsess with sales and we keep on sharing the best deals on the market on our Twitter account! I found this one on sale after a lot of people were reading it, and you know me, you add some gay stuff to a fantasy book, and I will be in! So many book and so little time!


The Only Good Indias. I bought this one on a 3×2 sale on Amazon. They ship to my country without taking an eye for shipping, so I couldn’t say no! I loved the premise! I love the cover! and I saw it everywhere! I am use to read Stephen King for horror, so hopefully this will be a new experience!

Non Fiction

Hidden Valley Road! So far all these books are on my TBR! This one was also part of a 3×2 sale! I am sorry I love a good deal! We want to read as much as we want so every saving counts! I found the New York Times podcast and they had a converation about this book and I called my attention so bad! I am not sure why haha but I am so intrigued to read this one! I think that even Ophra talked about this on the Apple+ show? Don’t know haha

YA fiction

Felix Ever After and The Gravity of Us!!! 👏👏👏 and Darius Deserves Better! I am sorry for adding so many here haha I got Felix on a deal and I shared it! Every body was talking wonders about this book during Pride Month. I love the representation! The Gravity of Us, I enjoyed the book and I did vote for it haha I think. I even interviewed the author for his upcoming release! For Darius, I mean I loved that one way more than the previous one! This is such a character development and such a good plot to support the development!

YA Sci-Fi

The Ballard of Songbids and Snakes! This is just one of those books that I can say was one of my most anticipated releases. Never recoreded my video about this book nor wrote a review as I felt really conflicted with it. I enjoyed it a lot! I loved the myths and the stories! I just don’t know… it took so long to get good, but I think it was just me waiting for some The Hunger Games events going on… something bigger XD but don’t get me wrong, if you love The Hunger Games as much as I did… this will fit perfectly with your obesession and in your selves!

I mean… we cannot win them all, right? I have read like 3 books that were part of the selection and none of the ones that I read won! haha but for me, they are all winners, and I am sure that many of us read the sheets out of them! Now, if you haven’t read any of them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Get them soon!

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  1. This year I didn’t really participate in the GR awards because I didn’t do such a great job of keeping up with the new releases. I think I voted in one category (YA Fantasy/Sci-fi) since I read at least half the choices haha

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