Is Audible Plus worth it for your 2021 reading?

Here at Inkish Kingdoms we have only one answer to this question: Yes. Audible Plus is worth every small penny you get! People get the misconception that it is not worth it because it does not have books like A Promised Land or Greenlights on the catalog, but you answer this: which publisher wants their recently release titles to be available in a catalog? No one…

This membership is great for you to discover new things without risk and without paying more! You should sign up for the 6 months subscription for $4.95 per month!

The Inkish Kingdom team has been trying out different free Audible podcasts and audio shows that you can try if you are lost or if you don’t find anything you know! Yes, the Plus Catalog does not include the most sold or recent releases, but the catalog changes constantly so keep that in mind!

Get unlimited listening with Audible Plus! Inkish Kingdoms recommends these audio shows!

We have listened all of these audio shows and podcasts, and they are totally worth the time! Signed up for Audible Plus Holiday Promotion: Only $4.95/month for the first 6 months, and get your listening going!!!

The Sea in The Sky by Jackson Musker

I started listening to the moment I saw it for the first time! This cover simply captivated me! I was so hooked since the intro! This is podcast is hilarious and so intriguing! For fans of Sci-Fi like We are Legion, Children of Time, The Martian, or for fans of movies like Gravitation, Interstellar, and even Ad Astra, this is just an exciting and thrilling podcast! Sexual diverse and in the look for extraterrestrial life, Bee and Ty navigate the universe towards Enceladus a watery moon in Saturn that could give the solution to the imminent climate catastrophe that we are about to suffer.

High Strangeness by Will MacLean

So I decided to go to the beach on a holiday, bad idea the traffic was terrible, so we were stuck in a traffic jam to get to the beach and, of course, to get out of it… so, I told my partner if he wanted to listen to something, and he said yes but something funny, and I picked the best podcast that we could have found!

High Strangeness is a paranormal and sci-fi story of Cassie, interpreted by Sophie McShera who was part of Downtown Abby, who is obsess with the supernatural and extraterrestrial. She has her blog, and she is always looking for news and information to share about these events, and one day, she finally found something that changed her live for good! The multiverse line is thinning and a god is looking to cross this realm! Cassie’s witty, humor, banality, and sarcasm together with her best friend is what turns this story to be the perfect pick to stay entertained and to forget all the outside problems.

Apocalypse Untreated by Gaby Dunn

If you say “apocalypse”, “post-apocalyptic” or “dystopia”, I will be asking where and how do I get it? I am not a pessimist but I feel the end of the world is near. I enjoy these genres, in all its forms, because it “prepares” me for what is coming, but being realistic… what are the changes that I will survive if the end of the world hits us?

In this podcast, Indy, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is in a mental institution! A meteorite crashed against Earth, and humanity seems to have faced the same destiny of the dinosaurs, but Indy, against all odds, survives! Is she the only one? Did her inmates survive too? What is she gonna do when she runs out of her meds? Discover that in this 19-episode podcast on how the survivors confront their new uncertain reality.

Run Zombies! The Way of all Flesh by Naomi Alderman

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead or… High School of the Dead? (too geeky?) haha this is for you! Jody and Chris, in a middle of a zombie apocalypse, found a mysterious and well equipped manor. They found this heaven where they stay save for a while trying to analyses the zombies! Until some more people get to their refuse. They all seem to be nice, but things start to get weird when someone poisons one of the new comers!

Life is already terrible with the constant and lurking terror of the zombies, but why would you kill someone when the world is pretty much over?

Audible Plus Holiday Promotion: Only $4.95/month for the first 6 months

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