6 tips to market your book

The endeavors of publishing a book are many! We understand that the first step is to manage to write a book and create a cover. These two elements are primordial to sell your book since the back and front cover are what will attract the reader’s attention and the plot and execution are what the readers will enjoy, or not. 

However, being able to get to the readers is a more laborious process that requires a lot of expertise and, sometimes, an investment. Although this is the reality in the publishing world, you can market your book using a few tools that will be free, but that will give you some good results, and other options that will have a price with excellent results.

Person browsing through a box full of books. Text on the image: 6 tips to market your book

How to market your book?

  • Hire professional readers to get an Editorial Review: Inkish Kingdoms can recommend our services as professional readers for your editorial reviews.
  • Be present and active in social media channels. Social Media platforms are communities that help the distribution of messages and thoughts, and in this case, your book.
    • Create a Facebook Page
    • Create an Instagram account
    • Create a Twitter account 
  • Get quotes to join a book tour with a strong social media presence.
  • Give ARC copies to bloggers, and other beta readers give ARC copies to #bookinstagramers or #bookstagram
  • Consider giving your book for free on the Amazon website.

These are small steps to take that can help improve the visibility of your hard work. Many people in the reading community are present on social media channels, and they have a huge influence on what others should be reading and on spreading the word on what is new and what is coming! Stay tuned for more tips on how to ensure that your book is seen and read by millions of readers! Contact Inkish Kingdoms to start! 

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    […] saw different tips on how to market your self-published story, and, today, we are going to go over the power of social media to ensure that readers see your book […]

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