Use Instagram to market your book!

We have given different tips on how to market your self-published novel, and we have covered how to use Twitter. Today, however, we will go over an easy and effortless strategy to ensure that readers around the world see your book on Instagram.

As seen below, Hootsuite confirms that around 1000 million people use Instagram. People are using this platform for long and short videos, pictures, and to do live shows for their followers. Since the quarantine started, the usage of Instagram increased since people wanted to show what they were doing, eating, buying, reading, and watching, so having your book available there for millions of users to see is a must!

In Inkish Kingdoms, we are proud to say that Instagram pictures have had a tremendous influence on our decisions to buy books that we read. We judge books by their covers, and we are “victims” of peer pressure when we see people reading the same book and sharing book pictures. We can testify that a good book picture and a beautiful book cover are excellent ways to convince compulsive book readers to get your book.

Person scowling through their instagram feed. Text on the image: Use social media to market your book Instagram

How to market your book using social media (Instagram)?

  1. Your Instagram account must be public so that people can watch your stories, your posts, and the pictures you have been tagged.
  2. Having a pretty cover for your books is more important than you think because if it is a captivating design, people will take pictures of your book and upload them to Instagram.
  3. If people upload pictures, videos, and/or reels of your book and the users tag you, share that content in your feed or your stories. Again, these are graphic testimonials that your book is worth buying for the pictures and that other people are reading your book.
  4. Just as in Twitter, engagement is fundamental to make sure that people see your novel. If someone uploads a picture of your book, you must comment on it, like it, share it, and bookmark it. The algorithm will make sure that more people discover the pictures of your novel if people interact with it.
  5. Interacting with bloggers and bookstagramers will allow you to create a community on your own. We all need fans when we want to promote our work.

Instagram is one of the most useful platforms in terms of social media and photography! Although your book is supposed to be read, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so do not underestimate this tool. Inkish Kingdoms has a growing community of bloggers and avid readers, and we have a healthy engagement rate of more than 10% per post on Instagram. This engagement means that thousands of people are seeing our pictures and videos. Inkish Kingdoms reads and shares in our Instagram stories what we are reading, and we also share and recommend content in our interactions, so if we read your book, our community will see that too.


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