Use Twitter to market your book!

We saw different tips on how to market your self-published story, and, today, we are going to go over the power of social media to ensure that readers see your book and that your efforts are not swallowed by the void of social media.

Right now, the social media platforms to use are Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. According to Hootsuite by January 2020, a digital marketing giant, these social media sites have the biggest amount of users monthly.

These numbers are only telling us in a big picture frame that social media is the place to be and to use to market your book. Imagine if a user of 30K followers on Twitter share something about your book? Imagine if an Instagram user with 14K followers sees a picture of your book? Your self-published book will be on the radar for so many people, and you might start seeing people following you or even getting your book.

So to begin, we will see first how to use Twitter to enhance your social media reach!

Woman watching her phone while on laying on a white bed. Text on the image: use social media to market your book! Twitter

Being present and active in social media channels is a must. However, this does not mean that you will be commenting on everybody’s tweets and Instagram pictures the name of your book and asking them to read it. On the contrary, create your community and get your fans to follow you so that they can willingly read your book and start talking about it.

Now, I will get into some tips on how to use your social media account to boost your ebook on Twitter:

How to use social media (Twitter) to market your book?

  1. If you are going to tweet about your book, use hashtags related to your story. Look for the trending topics and compose your tweet around them; don’t just add a group of hashtags at the end of your tweet since that will make it look like spam.
  2. Use emojis, gifs, and images to call the attention of your followers. Merge the hashtags with the emojis to make it look nice.
  3. If someone is talking about you or your book on their accounts, retweet their posts on your feed. These are good testimonials of other people enjoying your work.
  4. Do not attack anybody or engage in a “negative” thread about you or your novel since these types of interactions can be harmful.
  5. Keep in mind that reviews tend to be for the readers and not for the authors, so do not “complain” or attempt to change the opinions of your readers. However, if you see a review about your book and you like it, you can share it with your fans (see 3rd tip). 
  6. People on Twitter dream to interact with their favorite celebrities and authors so if they are talking about your book, make sure to acknowledge this and even share it since this will help both the reader and your social media presence.
  7. Create your community! Interact with other authors and bloggers, and retweet, like, and comment is valuable to defeat the Twitter algorithm that will hide any content without interactions.

If you start following these tips when using your Twitter account, you will reach a big community and will have a positive presence in the network. Social media has a lot of power to do harm or to do good for one’s brand and voice. These communities used properly will be an infallible friend in your marketing efforts, and, more importantly, they are free! Inkish Kingdoms has a growing community of readers, bloggers, and avid readers, so we are a perfect network to work with. Inkish Kingdoms is constantly sharing what we are reading, so if we read your book, our community will see it too.


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