How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps – The Legend of Zelda made wrong!

Have you ever played… Ragnarok MMORPG? or Golden Sun? Or Fire Emblem? Or The Legend of Zelda? I mean come on!! They are the foundation of society! (I am getting intense, so buckle up).

“How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps” is simply an epic fantasy gamer story that you will love! It is ridiculous, audacious, and it destroys all you thought the aforementioned video games! Yui, the main character, is sick and tired of waiting for Link… I mean… for the green hooded hero! She is ready to level up and form a party! However, her methods are quite unorthodox as she… learns magic that nobody will ever imagine to learn… and pretty much uses cheat codes… did you ever played Pokemon on the emulator on your PC and used the code to walk through the walls? No? well, then never mind…

If you did, then you will totally understand what I mean when you listen to this audiobook!

As she moves around her open world looking for monsters to fight and kill so that she can level up and loot on their deaths, she becomes stronger! Her partner, a sword master healer, is always by her side trying to guide her in into the right path of the game… I mean quest…

Is she playing by the rules? Probably not… Is she the destined hero? Maybe not… Is Epona with her? Sadly not… Is she able to save the world? I hope so because Ganondorf… or the demon king owns half of the world! This is a book for heavy gamers or even those who are not “gamers” but know and have played Zelda.

If you are looking for a new listen, this must be what you are looking for!

how to defeat a demon king in ten easy steps book review

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Originally published on Feb 12, 2017.


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