Why you shouldn’t follow everybody on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Read this post now if you want to know how to grow your Instagram reach, engagement , and give more exposure to your brand, content, novel, and book reviews.

Any social media was created with one purpose only: to connect people and have meaningful interactions. However, through the years, and, probably, wrong decisions made by the platforms and the users, social media platforms and their purpose changed. This misusage of the apps and the upcoming changes will affect you, your brand, your product, your novel, or even your book reviews.

I will be talking mainly about Instagram, but you can use the following advice to every social media platform. When Instagram got famous, people started to misuse it. First, followers equaled reach and likes equaled popularity. The more likes you got or more followers you had, the higher the chances of becoming influential. 

POC man holding an iPhone. On the screen you can see social media apps like Facebook and TikTok

When this started to happen, accounts, people, and applications began to sell followers and likes by the cent using bots. Why not pay $100 for 10,000 followers and become a small influencer? However, Instagram saw how the spirit of their platform started to twist because you didn’t have to know anybody, and you could buy what you needed. 

Therefore, Instagram started to make changes to its algorithm to recover the spirit of its social media. Many people will see that it is impossible to grow now on the platform unless you pay, but that is not correct. Accounts do not grow because the users are not interested in interacting with other users.

I will categorize two Instagram features in interactive and superficial, and I will explain them in detail below.

What are superficial features?

Likes and followers are superficial features. Why? Those are what people will relate with growth, fame, and influencers. However, those are just numbers that sometimes do not translate to anything. You might have 10,000 followers and uploaded multiple photos and stories, but have little to no interactions. 

Would you prefer 700 followers and 300 likes on your pictures? Or would you rather have 10,000 followers and 300 likes on your pictures?

In our case, we focused too much on growing our followers list, and, although the number grew, the number of likes was always the same, and, even though we were happy to see the same people liking our content, what were we doing wrong? And to answer this, I will talk about interactive features.

What are interactive features?

Instagram is adding more value to the actions that bots cannot complete. Comments, followers, and likes are “actions” that bots and fake accounts can do, but, so far, bots cannot have human interactions through DM, bots cannot send you voice DMs, bots cannot bookmark your content or share your content with others. 

The Instagram algorithm is not ruthless, but it is looking for human actions and real human connections. 

Why do you usually see the same Instagram Stories? Because those are the stories that you see the most and that interact the most with. Why do you always see the same accounts on your feed? Because those are accounts that are considered valuable for their interactions (not only yours but by other users).

To position your content, what you need to have are faithful followers. They will share, comment, like, and bookmark/save your content. The algorithm will only show your content to 5% of your followers, and depending on how they interact with it, the algorithm will show it to 10% of your followers and so on. This will make your content show even if you uploaded it nineteen hours ago.

You want Instagram to show your content to all your followers and not only to a few, but you will never accomplish this unless you have real connections, active users, and a small community.

Simple steps to grow on Instagram

  1. Have real conversations with people through DMs and, if you can, send voice messages. Instagram knows the people you know by how you interact with them.
  2. Don’t shut people down when they are commenting on your pictures. If you love a book, and you get a comment saying the contrary, don’t just ignore them or be mean. Instead, ask them why they think that through DMs or even on the same post. Having conversations through your pictures will give more exposure to your content.
  3. Comment and react to other stories and keep the conversation going. Do not just like their comments.
  4. DELETE inactive followers because Instagram might be sharing your content to inactive accounts and damage your reach.
  5. Get close to those that have lots of followers and lots of “likes” and comments. We never know if they will be kind enough to share your content on their stories.

Instagram will consider valuable content and valuable accounts those that have high engagement rates. Why is this important? Let me answer it with another question: have you seen the Discover section and how it recommends content based on your interests? Yes? Well, you want to be there, but only the “high valuable content” will be there, and we can only accomplish that through engagement.

Do not follow just to follow because that won’t help you nor your followers.

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