Editorial Review: The Fred Valentine Show by Vincent Glen

The Fred Valentine Show by Vincent Glen is for fans of short, simple and otiose comedy.Inkish Kingdoms

The impossible becomes reality in The Fred Valentine´s Show when animals gain the power of talking without much of an explanation. Located in the Las Vegas Strip, The Fred Valentine Show promises comedy, luxury, and high entertainment of a comedy show driven by animals.

cover of a book. it says welcome to fabulous las vegas nevada. Title of the book is "The Fred valentine show". There is a St. Bernard dog in front of slot machines and two women next to the dog.
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The Fred Valentine Show has a variety of joke material, from slapstick comedy; pranks to the villain of the story, to the usage of foul language and vulgar jokes that might tickle the funny bone of the right audience. Any comedy show depends on the comedian’s confidence, storytelling skills, and on giving the right time to the jokes to land. Depending on these factors and abilities, a comedian can hit out of the park or not even make it to first base, and The Fred Valentine Show had some jokes that were spot on and funny. However, others did not have the desired effect despite the narrator’s many efforts to drive “thundering laughter” after each joke and prank. 

The story is written with easy language and with an obvious sentence pattern linked to each characters’ traits and personalities. The repetition of phrases, words, and events facilitates the readers to follow the story. The character ensemble could pursue a more thorough route to justify its purpose in the story. The world-building could undergo some tuning to add depth since there is a slight mention of magic. For example, whereas some people see talking animals normal, others are astonished by this action. Another aspect to mention is how, unclearly, the animal characters seem to have anthropomorphic trades because some of the humans in the story see them as desirableNevertheless, The Fred Valentine Show is a character-driven story that focuses on developing a thick set of distinguishable personage. 

The Fred Valentine Show is the first of five episodes that promise to dive deeper into a slow-burning storyline. This first episode disguises its inconclusive ending with a cliffhanger device that hints to the continuity and elaboration of an underdeveloped world in the upcoming episodes. For fans of animals, magic, Las Vegas, and slapstick comedy, this could be a unique novelization of a theatrical musical comedy play worth to be presented in Sin City.

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