Tips to beat the Instagram Algorithm!

Tips to beat the Instagram Algorithm!

We have already talked about “Why you shouldn’t follow everybody on social media” and how that affects your engagement. Remember that numbers, in matters of followers, is not that important. However, what matters is that the followers that you do have are active, and those that are active are there for you and you for them, so let’s see how to make the best out of your followers!

Find valuable users!

Have you interacted with these Instagram accounts that don’t pay attention to you? or are you trying to be followed by one of those accounts that have 10K followers but they don’t even look at you?

If that is the case, they are not valuable users for your account. Remember that Instagram is no longer about having the most amount of followers, real or fake, but about engagement. You don’t want to follow or be followed by a 10K that won’t even like your pictures nor reply to your comments on their own pictures. Trust me, they don’t need more fans.

A valuable user, for you, is that user that likes your photos, comment on your pictures, interact with your stories, answer your comments… in other words, a valuable user is that account that knows and cares about your existence. Find your fans and keep them close!

Become a valuable user!

The same as before, you not only need to find the followers that add value to your account but also be a user that adds value to someone else.

Instagram wants people active and using Instagram as much a possible, so you should try to give that to Instagram, and they will help you back. So, what should you do?

  1. Watch Instagram stories. If you like something, react to it! If you find something interesting, start a conversation. If you see a poll, questionnaire, or any other interactive sticker, use them!
  2. Use DMs, Instagram’s algorithm, and artificial intelligence will know when you actually know someone. They know if you are friends or not (that is why you always see your friend’s content on your personal feed… because you interact with them, they with you, and you probably DM each other.)
  3. Do the basic: like, save, comment, reply back, and SHARE!

Use the Close Friends feature!

Give back some love!

Bookstagram tips to defeat the Instagram algorithm!

You already know how are your “valuable users”, so make them feel special! Add them to your Close Friends and share content for them only!

Now, instead of spending 3 hours scrolling through your feed interacting with people that might or might not be following you, spend 2 hours interacting with your Close Friends! Watch their stories, DM them, share them, and so on. Once you are done with them, go to your feed and do the other ones.

This is a matter of prioritization…

Ask and do your Instagram engagement group!

Poll your close friends! If they are already watching your stories, ask them if they would like to try to beat the Instagram Algorithm together! The best way to outsmart the Instagram algorithm is together!

If they say “yes”, you could:

  • Do an Instagram Chat Room. This way you can share your reels and photos and they can like them and comment once you upload them!
  • Set up notifications: people might not want to be part of a chat room, but you can ask them if they would like to turn on the notifications for your content and that you would do the same for theirs! This way you all are on top of each other’s posts.

With this we finish this small guide on how to beat the instagram algorithm without having to pay! Just be active, and be there for your followers! Numbers matter but the smart numbers, not just hoarding!

Tips to beat the Instagram Algorithm!

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