How to help your Instagram community

how to help your instagram community. woman reading on her room

I am gonna be honest with you, we all want to be liked and get commented on, but do we do that to the rest?

Lately, we have been talking about Why you shouldn’t follow everybody on social media, how to beat the instagram algorithm, and, in this post, we will be discussing how you can help your instagram community.

I mentioned, in the other algorithm post, that interacting and being real “mutuals” will help you defeat the instagram algorithm. That was a bit more selfish and Machiavellian, but this one is for something completely different.

Be there, be present and likable, but how? Let’s see below!

Don’t just do likes

How many of the people that like your posts do you remember? Not many probably, right? You get how many likes per photo? How many of those do you actually talk to? Again, not many…

Yes, getting likes are a nice, but remember that instagram is moving away from that to measure real engagement! Accompany your “likes” with something. For example: if you like it, answer the question they ask, or just say how much you like the picture. That will make you stand out, and people will start having you present.

Sharing is really caring!

We want to be shared! We want people sharing and giving visibility to our content! That is the dream, but how many of you followers posts do you share? If you answer this saying from little to none, then you are failing to your followers.

Let’s be fair, this is a community and we all should be helping each other. You already share content from HUGE accounts that they don’t even know you exist, so why don’t you save those shares for someone that really needs them?

how to help your instagram community. woman reading on her room

Save it for later!

Although it is not 100% accurate, saving posts counts for engagement. There is a reason why you can see those on your insights. Content that ads value, content that people want to keep is content that Instagram sees as valuable (more now that they are following a Pinterest kind of vision with the “Guides” feature).

All of those together!

Why only do one when you can do all? or do any combination? Share, like, save, comment and let them know! Tag them on your stories of you share it, DM if you like one of their stories, save it for later and let them know. Don’t be shy, just be yourself and be friends, and if they don’t want to be friends, then follow someone else 😀

How to create real and human interactions on social media? Improve your engagement and reach with this steps!

Be real friends! Don’t be dismissively

Personally, I don’t like or appreciate when I am making an effort to engage with accounts and all I get is a “thank you” or a thumbs up emoji. I see those like “yeah yeah I don’t have time for your comment.” It seems pretentious, uncaring, and uninterested. So, why would I try to engage with you again if you don’t want me to do so?

I also sometimes see those posts that have dozens of comments but the account owner do not reply to their comments, only likes their comments but don’t reply, or don’t do anything at all. Those are huge NO NO flag to interact.

Remember! Be kind, be humble, be nice, and be approachable!

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