Why low ratings will add value to your book

Why low ratings will add value to your book? man drawing a yellow star

Most of the times when a new author has only 5-star ratings… seems fishy….

The book industry is full of opportunities and stories to be told. If you are an upcoming author or working on your first novel, be sure that the path might be rough but sure will be satisfactory.

Many ways to start selling your book are by marketing it on social media channels, maybe by hiring a professional to help you with your strategy, or even an agency that can put your book out there! If you have been building your Twitter and Instagram community, you are on the right path, and if you haven’t started yet, then check out our resources on how to increase your reach on social media.

However, what you need are book reviews. Getting people to read your book and testifying that your content is readable is a great way to sway other readers to pay attention to your book. Keep in mind that a way to make your work look more professional, and, for people to take it more seriously, is by having Professional Book Reviews.

Now, getting book reviews means that your book is moving just fine! But what happens when you get a bad review? What happens when you get a low star rating?

Why low ratings will add value to your book?

Nothing happens. Literature experts confirm that each reader is different, and the reader’s life experiences help them interpret a literary work in many ways. Even when a reader rereads the same title a few years later, that book will feel new and different because readers change and life happens.

There is debate about book reviews being for readers and not for the author, and we need to keep that in mind. If you disagree with what they think about your book, do not engage or correct them because you will lose that fight. Each person can have their opinion about your work. Although if it is unprofessional, mean, and against you, you can report those.

Also, having low ratings gives accuracy to your work. Why? Because that means that real people are reading your book. Having this range of ratings removes the suspicion of fake accounts reviewing your book or that you bought positive book reviews. Keep in mind that even the great publishing house books have a wide variety of ratings, and not all of them are 5-star.

Readers enjoy checking other reviews that match their rating, and they even interact with those, which will shine another light on your book as people will see a vivid conversation going on.

Writing a book is like having a babies, they are “yours”, and you want to protect them from the world and you only want to hear good things about them. However, we know that life does not work like that, and we know that we will need to let them go to the world.

Remember that there isn’t such a thing as “bad publicity.”

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    1. Cesar H. Avatar

      Right? I mean we are not perfect so only good reviews is really rare to happen haha

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        That’s true! And I like how it shows we’re legit when we get a lower review.

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      2. Cesar H. Avatar

        I mean for me it gives that legit vibe 🤯 🤷🏻‍♂️ and I won’t talk about those accounts that gave a 5 star and they have reviewed only that one book 🤯

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