Editorial Review: Knowledge by Yessoh G.D. | Inkish Kingdoms

Yessoh G.D. opened the door to a new world of adventures and dangers when he wrote this phenomenal novel. Kobenan, a young analyst, has been working in the secretive S-cell unit, a specialized department in African mysticism and sorcery. However, when someone or something assassinates a minister, Kobenan is pushed out of his comfort zone. The president entrusts Kobenan with the task of finding out what happened, but Kobenan will work together with Agent Biafle, a living legend in the S-cell. Innocent and clueless, Kobenan jumps into a world that he never thought was real and finds himself later on breaking all possible laws to save himself and, most importantly, the world.

With a beginning that seems rushed and unprepared, the novel starts introducing the main characters and its purpose, which later justifies the abrupt start. Kobenan plays the stereotypical role of the rookie analyst, naïve, clueless, and brilliant, whose potential gives all the clues the reader needs to know its importance and reason for existence. Likewise, we have Biafle, who plays the role of the veteran (old, cunning, and knowledgeable) necessary to explain the African mysticism to the readers and main character. No doubt, knowledge is what drives this novel forward. As soon as he finishes explaining the world with its secrets and mysteries and has a solid foundation for the story, Yessoh pushes Kobenan and the readers into a chain reaction of action-packed scenes that propels the story at a delightful speed.

However, once the first push is over, the story halts to develop a separate storyline that will collide at some point with Kobenan’s and Biafle’s adventures. Happily, when the second storyline is ready, Yessoh builds up to the climax and delivers multiple jaw-dropping scenes Hollywood worthy. The ending is all a reader could expect with its satisfying cliffhangers and promises of further African knowledge.

Yessoh G.D.’s African heritage played a central role in the elaboration of the novel. Readers will dive into an enriching world of fantastic beasts, and they will learn more about the multifaceted face of Africa. Highly cultural and entertaining, Knowledge or Ta Lę is a novel that fantasy and adventure lovers would learn from and enjoy.

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