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I started watching anime when I was in high school. I had a “friend” that violently introduced me to the world of anime and manga. 

But to tell you the truth, I watched anime even at a younger age. I remembered watching Candy Candy with my sister and my mother, but, even before that, I remember watching Sailor Moon and even Lulu, The Flower Angel, so my story with anime comes from a long time ago. However, once I started reading regular books in college, I left all anime interests beside me and focused mainly on studying and reading YA or classics. 

I tried to watch some anime before, but I did not enjoy waiting so long for seasons to come out one chapter per week, so I again dropped it. However, I feel that I hit the jackpot when Netflix recommended me Demon Slayer, and like everything on Netflix, I binge-watched it in like four days.

Is Demon Slayer a good anime?

Demon Slayer is incredibly good, and you shouldn’t think twice about watching it. The story, contrary to some other animes, moves fast and is action-packed. Season one will keep you hooked chapter after chapter, and, contrary to other Animes, like My Heroe Academy, you feel that the plot is moving and that the main character is making progress.

Is demon slayer overrated?

By no means, Demon Slayer is overrated. Instead of the main character being in love with someone, which will then moves the plot, the story moves because an older brother wants to find the cure for her sister, who turned into a demon after being attacked and absorbing blood from this demon. These monsters follow some kind of humanoid kind of vampire, but they have much more powers than just sucking blood.

Contrary to other animes, brotherhood, family bonds, and a clear goal are what moves Demon Slayer forward. I don’t see this anime becoming a 600 episode series or longer since the main villain showed up on episode 7 or so.

Where to watch Demon Slayer?

Support the work of anime and manga creators! Buy Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in BlueRay and watch it now!

Why is demon slayer so popular?

The characters are so different and round. We don’t have the typical chosen one that defeats the villain with the power of friendship and love and manages to break every limit of their power by simply wanting.

Tanjiro Kamado has unique abilities like a great sense of smell, but it is nothing major. He is kind, flawed, and has a strong sense of honor. Tanjiro is the kind of character that focuses on helping and is highly sympathetic with even the demons he slays. 

The more flawed and “annoying” traits fall into the secondary characters Zenitsu and Inosuke. 

Zenitsu is the ladies-focused, cry-baby, coward, and “perverted” character. His unique ability is the hearing sense that allows him to hear even the heartbeat of his friends. Although he hasn’t been able to master all the sword-master techniques he should have to become a Demon Slayer, he is competent enough to fight next to Tanjiro and being a great support.

Inosuke is the comedy relief of the series. Uneducated as he was raised by animals in the mountains, he is really strong and competitive. His savage behavior and unique abilities are a perfect match to be part of this platoon of demon slayers.

I will recommend watching Demon Slayer if you have not done so already. Also, the trailer for Demon Slayer Season 2 has been released and the premier of Demon Slayer Season 2 will be during Spring of 2021.

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