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Publishing a book implies a lot of work! Not only the titanic task of writing it! but also reviewing it, market it, and share it! I cannot fathom all this work and how people managed to write so many books and still people don’t see them!

I admired all those authors that managed to make a living out of indie publishing, and there seems to be a stigma over self-published books or indie books, but I am happy to share that these books are as valuable to read like any other book! So without too much introduction, let’s check these 5 indie books that you could give a try and get out of your comfort zone! Because I am so getting out of mine!

Lord of Eternal Night by Ben Alderson

I am sure you might have seen Ben Alderson on Tiktok and if you haven’t, then here you have him! His books have quite the premise and I am living for it!

For years the witches have waited to find the way to get back the magic that was sacrificed when a curse was cast upon them. And they see the light when Jak, someone with so much magic, is their prophesied savior. The one who is to kill the creature, break the curse, and restore magic to his coven. Sent to the creature’s castle as the final Claim, Jak must get close enough to land the final blow.

However, the creature he has to kill is not the haunting beast that he was thought to hate. He is struggling with his emotions and on what to do… but what seems to be more dangerous than his hate is his lust…

I mean I am already in for the cover! But then you tell me that there is some sexual tension between the beast, which does not look like any beast, and the warlock… I am in! I honestly couldn’t just hold my clicker enough not pre-order this title!

The Lost Mage by Ben Alderson

Now, if you don’t want to wait for Lord of Eternal Night to be released, you can totally try another of Ben’s gay romance stories! And the good news is, this one is part of your Kindle Unlimited Membership!

We have the regular fantasy premise that we have seen in Red Queen or in Shadow and Bone but this one… is openly gay! Maximus Wodlin hates magic, even before it erupted from him. Over 100 years had passed since the War of the Wood when the northern army swept across the land and killed the four ruling mages. With Maximus’s palm branded by a mage mark, for a crime he committed or the truth of what he is. He is forced to become the son he killed and live as a false heir, to restore the dwindling legacy of the Gathrax Estate. As Maximus struggles to discern allies from enemies, the Mad Queen watches from the North. Trusting is impossible when motives are invisible to him… even if they are shrouded within a handsome stranger.

Handsome strangers? Magic? treason and invisible motives? A kingdom or a family to restore to power and the undeniable archetypal of a hero… Yes, this is something fantasy lovers will enjoy!

Boy meets demon by Jay H.D.

I am gonna be honest… once you get into one of these books, you can’t stop seeing these books nor being called by then… Forget about fairy sex or fairy romance… what about demon romance or sex? Crazy ain’t it?

A tale of teenage lust and bloody revenge. Sixteen-year-old, Jay, summons a demon to take revenge on the homophobic, school bullies who are making his life miserable. In Hell, the currency is an eye for an eye, and each act of vengeance marks Jay’s immortal soul, earning him a one-way ticket to the fiery underworld. The demon, Rascal, Prince of Flames, and son of the former Devil, finds himself attracted to Jay. – I mean VIP entrance?– The way Jay’s lip quivers with fear. Jay’s shining, blue eyes so different from Hell’s usual demonic red or dead black. The fragility of Jay’s human skull. Jay may be willing to pay the price of eternal damnation, but when Rascal’s desire develops into something more, will the demon let him?

Again, I haven’t read any book like this before, or the previous in the list, but I think they are worth trying! open your horizons!

Hummingbird Heartbreak by Max Walker

So, let me get this straight… – although here we don’t support straight… in case you haven’t noticed – I have never had any intention to read any kind of explicit gay romance books… and with romance, we know what it… *smirk* but if you read this… I think this I full fantasy… a well-rounded fantasy… – *coff coff* for some people –

We have Dusty Gold… he is a regular college student that struggles with his studies… One day he is studying hard for his exams and the next day he is crushing over the sexy rugby player living in the dorm next door. – you get that? NEXT DOOR – and the next day he is starting at the seeling with that exact rugby player… Now Brandon Reed, the rugby player, needs and space and a snuggle buddy… but as time passed… Dusty becomes a bit more than just the snuggle buddy he wanted…

You see why I am all over hyped with this list?

The Biggest Scoop by Gillian St. Kevern

Everything is going wrong for Milo Markopoulos. The future of the school newsletter is in jeopardy, he doesn’t have a single friend among his junior classmates, and his film script has been rejected again. Worse, he has only one day to find a story that will satisfy the school newspaper editor, Candice. Enter transfer student, Taylor. Good looking, responsible, and possessed of a mysterious something that has him turning heads on his first day of school, Taylor is the story Milo is looking for—too bad Taylor has plans for a quiet high school experience.

I got this book a while back, and I enjoyed it quite a lot! so I can testify that this is a fun read! (Full Review)

Which ones are you trying?

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