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Indivisible by Daniel Aleman ― “Surely they will be given a chance to fight deportation, won’t they?”

Indivisible by Daniel Aleman exposes how the Immigration System breaks families apart without a second thought.

I have been invested in books with the thematic of immigration. First, Of Women and Salt, which is seen from the eyes of “legal” people, but Indivisible exposes the problem first hand, and the readers are able to experiment the anguish thousands of immigrants feel as being part of a country that prefers not have them there.

I reviewed the information given by the American Immigration Council and learned how by 2018, 14% of the population in the United States are immigrants (foreign-born individuals) which is around 44.7 million people. The top countries of origin for immigrants were Mexico (25%), India (6%), China (5%), the Philippines (4%), and El Salvador (3%), which confirms the relevance of Indivisible.

Mateo’s parents immigrated to the States 20 years or so ago and built themselves from the ground in New York City – not any city, but New York City which cost of life is significantly higher than in other states. – So when I read that immigrants make up significant shares of the U.S. workforce in a different of industries, I was able to understand the truths behind this “fictitious” literary work.

From the beginning of the book, the readers are aware of what will happen, but it does not matter because the anguish and uncertainty hits with a juggernaut force. Incredibly, the ICE officials, although doing their job, are a symbol of nightmares for many people that are trying to make an honest living through hard work.

Mateo’s parents have great plans for their son – a 17-year old teenager – and daughter – a 7-year old child -. They left their country and have been working nonstop because they wanted to give their kids a life they couldn’t fathom for them in their motherland. One in six U.S. workers is an immigrant, together making up a vital part of the country’s labor force. Although they work in a range of industries, immigrants predominantly work in the health care and social assistance industry, manufacturing industry, accommodation, and food services. And Mateo’s parents work hard in hotels and in a supermarket to earn a living.

The dynamic of Mateo’s life change drastically when their parents are captured by the authorities. No only they know nothing about what is going on, but also Mateo’s dreams of a life with their parents becomes an illogical wish that the government has already taken from his hands. Dreams of becoming an artist. His teenage efforts of exams, work, and living his life are savagely blocked, and his life shifts to take care of the family bodega, her sister’s happiness, and the trial he has to go to defend his father. The actions taken by these authorities are having an impact on everybody’s life including the family friends who take care of Mateo and Sofi when everything started to crumble down.

Sadly, Mateo has hopes that the system will have enough proves to keep their parents at home; however, the heartless system won’t grand a wish based on facts. The narration of the audiobook is simply outstanding and the development of events build up to make the last choices even harder. As reality starts to sink in, Mateo sees a little light at the end of the night and embraces the new shapes his life is taking.

A powerful debut novel that speaks close home for the author and to many people that can share their experience about being immigrants. Representation of is important and many people need to see that they aren’t alone in the struggles of surviving in a new foreign country.

I saw Daniel Aleman on Twitter and he was announcing that he was getting his book published. Curiosity got the best of me so I checked the book on Goodreads and it became a highly expected release!

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