16 Book Club Questions for Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill

Are you planning to run a book club with a sci-fi book? Read Sea of Rust and use these questions to drive an incredible book club!

In Inkish Kingdoms, we are avid readers and book club lovers so we understand that sometimes running a book club might be challenging. One of the main challenges is running an engaging book club, and it gets complicated if you are just reading the book with the rest of the members. Therefore, we have put together this set of 16 questions if you want to run a successful sci-fi book club after reading Sea of Rust.

Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill is a speculative novel that covers themes of humanity, technology, what makes us human, and what separates us from the gods. Going over a possible cataclysm provoked not only by robots but by humanity’s hand.

Remember when running your book club, we recommend you to have activities, drinks, and interactive questions. Also, if you can, investigate further about the topics mentioned above when driving the discussion. So let’s have a great book club with these questions about sci-fi books!

What to ask about Sea of Rust? 

What we want in a book club is to have the participants talking, so let’s try this:

  1. What drove you to vote or select this book for this book club? Be specific, what elements called your attention? The author? The synopsis? The cover? The name?
  2. Do you think that we are living in a sci-fi setting? Keep in mind that we currently have computers, smartphones, satellite navigation, and artificial intelligence like Siri, Google Assist, and Alexa. 
  3. How far away are we from living in a world where robots are part of our daily lives? 
  4. What do you think about the type of narration? Past and present? How did this affect your pace or enjoyment of the novel?
  5. In the novel, what was more important: the characters or the plot? Why do you think so?
  6. Do you think that the ultra-right-wing will be part of humanity’s doom?

Now, let’s get philosophical

  1. Is the book optimistic about the future? Or is it trying to warn us about where we are going?
  2. This novel is a sci-fi dystopian novel, so what went wrong? What makes this novel a dystopia?
  3. Based on the novel, what makes “being” a person? Being biologically born? Being a thinking being? Intelligence?
  4. If we are a result of our experiences and memories, what is the difference between humans and the robots in the novel? Are those robots possible to exist?
  5. How is free will depicted in the novel? Do you think that the kill switch is the robot’s free will? Consider this quote: “They were free to make their own choices and faced very real consequences for their actions.
  6. What is the purpose of existence? What is the difference between human existence and the existence of the robots in the novel?
  7. In the novel, who brought the end of humanity? Humans or robots? If you way robots, weren’t they created by humans? If you way humans, how many times have we tried to vanquish each other?

Let’s get technical? 

  1. Sci-fi novels tend to utilize elements as metaphors to criticize specific aspects of society, what elements do you think were used as metaphors?
  2. If you think about what has been happening lately in the world, what issues do you see in Sea of Rust that reflect today’s society?
  3. Remember the question about Siri and Google Assistant? Then, what does the Sea of Rust say about technology? How does technology have an impact on today’s society or the future?

There is nothing like having a great conversation with people that see beyond the obvious, and that are willing to challenge their believes and are open to hear other’s opinions.

I will recommend this for your book club, and I am sure you will enjoy it too! Be open to new stories, to change the world we are currently living and think about how our decisions have an impact in the world! Pursuit knowledge and aim to change the world!

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