4 reasons to stay away from bookshelves and bookcases

You might come here wondering what is this crazy person talking about? We all need infinite bookshelves! And I see your point. There is nothing like buying bookshelves and filling them with books, but what if you run out of space? Well, you buy more bookshelves!

However, what if there is a better option than bookshelves? What if the alternative we have is don’t buy bookshelves and embrace the book stacks? Yes, that is an option, so hear me out! I talked about this with a friend over bookstagram, and we made some compelling arguments!

So hear me out here!

Bookshelves take too much space.

Think about the space you lose by having bookshelves. Think about that corner space you will be losing for having bookshelves or that space you have unused and unreachable at the very top of the bookshelves. Yes, those that get all dusty because you don’t usually see it over there. 

Although these ones are just way to pretty! And they have a $10 off! 5 tier high-quality metal frame bookshelve! Yes, they look beautiful and they look so sophisticated!

Bookshelves cost a lot of money.

Not only do they take too much space, but they take a lot of your money! Yes, you can buy bookshelves from Ikea; you can purchase bookshelves from Walmart, but you are still spending money.

What if you run out of space? You buy more bookshelves. 

What if they start bending under the weight of your 1000 books? You might need to change them, which again is more money!

Now, $200 for these beautiful shelves!? Yes, they are perfection, but I could buy 20 books $10 each for that price…

You spend money on other things that aren’t books.

So, you buy all those bookshelves, but you could have spent all that money on books! Imagine how many books you can buy if instead of spending $300 on 4 bookshelves, you do that on books? In the worst scenario, you can buy 30 books, $10 each, but what if you buy second-hand books?

In Thiftbooks.comyou can get books for $3 each, and if you spend $30, you get one book free! Do the math! Buy 100 books… and you will be getting 10 books free… 110 books for the same $300!

Just think about it! The possibilities!

Book stacks will be your new furniture.

Save money all the way! Have you seen those Pinterest or Instagram posts where the rooms are all clean/messy, and you see those beautiful book stacks? 

Have you seen those book stacks next to the desks where they work, read, or write their new novel? 

Have you seen those living rooms that use book stacks for their plants, lamps, and other living-room decorations?

You can even do a small table that using your book stacks as supports! 

I know this might be silly, but you can make this work! I might not be even spending money on books ever again!

What do you think? Are you giving up on bookshelves?

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