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8 metal bookmarks that all reader should have!

Are you the person that uses receipts as bookmarks? Are you the type of person that uses a dog’s ears to keep track of where you are in your book?

Then maybe this is the moment for your to keep reading because I will show you some of the most amazing bookmarks that I am getting and that you should get too!

I use paper bookmarks that come on the Book of the Month subscription -don’t get me wrong, they are a blessing – but I think it is time for my bookmarks to match my imponent TBR and my taste on books! – the last one is just me trying to convince myself that I am a fancy reader, but I ready EVERYTHING you put in front of me.

Anyway, let us check what the most beautiful bookmarks are and that you can buy them for almost nothing!

Majestic white spring cherry blossom metal buck bookmark

Starry metal spaceman/spacewoman bookmark

Fancy metal summer bell butterfly bookmark

Metal blue whale lotus flower bookmark

Pink and white summer cherry blossom heron bookmark

Metal 9-tail white Japanese fox bookmark

Metal flying Japanese heron bookmark

Metal Chinese fan with heron and waves bookmark

What is your favorite bookmark from the list?

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  1. They all are amazing! 😍 I use whatever piece of paper I can get my hands on, usually, but I have some bookmarks that are beautiful and that I love, and from time to time I manage to use them in the appropriate way, too! So maybe I would add to my collection. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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