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Around the globe, readers love to share their favorite books with everybody and their thoughts about them. We all have slowly walk towards someone reading our favorite book because we are too eager to talk to them and have a beautiful conversation about it – although you shouldn’t approach a reader when they are immersed in their stories –

There is a place and location to have these conversations, and this is called a Book Club. 

How To Find A Book Club To Join?

If you are active on social media, you can do a quick search on each media!

  1. You can look for #bookclub either on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. They are usually free and won’t deny new people! (You can try Rewindbookclub, Spacesirensbc, or PagesandProseBC (all from Twitter))
  2. You can even google if there is any book club near your town.
  3. Another place to look in would be Goodreads. There are groups and forums where you can join the conversation without having to pay anything. 

There are many options out there, and if you don’t like the available alternatives, you can always run your own! And Inkish Kingdoms is here to help you join one or make your own.


What do I need to run my book club?

Starting a book club might be a challenge for many since we are introverts that prefer to read than socializing – I know, life is full of contradictions -. So, I am going to give you a few tips on to make your book club.

  1. The primordial requirement: get a fixed headcount for your club.
    1. If you have a bookish friend, you can ask that person to run the book club with you. Also, you go and ask that friend if they have any other friends to join and drive the book club with you two.
    2. Also, include your wife or husband. If you managed to have at least five people, you have a book club, even if other people don’t join because, sadly, you can’t have a book club on your own.
    3. You can do this online or in your neighborhood! (Your venue might change based on the option you chose)
  2. The second requirement: choose the ideal book!
    1. The book will be the pivotal rock for the success of your book club! You can use these tips on who to pick the book! We have a complete guide on how to do so. 
  3. The third requirement: organized a lovely evening!
    1. Follow the tips and recommendations of this article. If you do, we are sure that it will be a success!
  4. The fourth requirement: pass the voice and make some noise! 
    2. Invite people, talk about the book, the date, when, and how to sign up! And do this for every book club! Every event! Every meeting! 
    3. Record your meeting or even share pieces of the conversation to share it with everybody!
    4. Remember, if the first book club group is just five people, imagine if they all invite at least one person for the next meeting? The next meeting will be ten people, and if they all ask one more person to join? It would be 20 for the next meeting!

We are sure that following these steps will guarantee the success of your book club! 

Make sure to visit our site for book club book recommendations! We also have some questions that you can use to drive your book clubs! We curate our reviews since we only review the titles that we recommend for discussions! 

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