Top 5 Britney Spears songs in books!

Britney Spears is finally free! The Netflix documentary “Britney vs. Spears” is out and breaking the internet! Social media has yelled at the interweb void that Britney had to be free, and she managed it!

Britney is finally gaining control of her life! She is getting married, buying a house, and she owns her social media! Finally! To commemorate such an important event for her and her fans, we have put together a small list with 5 of her most epic songs – most of her songs are epic, so we had to make it shorter for the list.

Work B**ch

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This iconic song is about having to work hard if you want to have an expensive life! I mean: if you want a Bugatti, a Maserati, and a Lamborghini. Yes, you need more than just hard work to achieve these things, but the principle is there you better work! For this song, we have:

The Assistants by Camille Perri

Tina’s life might be the life of many people! A millennial working a dead-end job, being paid way less, and doing much more work than their boomer bosses. Tina has worked as an assistant for six years, and her student loans are still there, almost as if she hadn’t made any payments, but now she has the opportunity to see a way out of them. 


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One of my favorite songs! Her album had the same name! A powerful woman! A ring leader! She is the center of attention, and oh boy, isn’t she? For this song, there were a few options, but we went on a limb here, and we chose:

Water for Elephants Sara Gruen

Already a motion picture starred by Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. This novel is a romantic drama of Jacob, a recently orphaned almost veterinarian, who jumps into a moving train and joins a circus. There, Jacob meets Marlena, a horse trainer, and Rosie, an untrainable elephant, that only Jacob discovers the way to get to her. 


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F-boys, or in Britney’s words: womanizer! That man that plays around and thinks he is invisible and irresistible! Deceiving his way around to obtain the pleasures of the flesh! But she is not a sucker, and she will not fall for his silver tongue! For this song, we picked this book: 

Pleasure by Gabriele D’Annunzio

Blurb: Andrea Sperelli lives his life as a work of art, seeking beauty and flouting the rules of morality and social interaction along the way. In his aristocratic circles in Rome, he is a serial seducer. But there are two women who command his special regard: the beautiful young widow Elena, and the pure, virgin-like Maria. In Andrea’s pursuit of the exalted heights of extreme pleasure, he plays them against each other, spinning a sadistic web of lust and deceit.

Do you see what we mean? Isn’t this a womanizer? 


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The iconic Toxic. The first time we can remember seeing a singer almost naked covered in diamonds. A flight attendant who is sexy and ready for daredevil adventures! She is unstoppable and a femme fatal! For Toxic, we picked: 

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian 

I think this is too on the nose, but the similarities between the song and the video are incredible! Not published too long ago, The Flight Attendant follows the story of Cassandra. She is a binge drinker, her job with the airline making it easy to find adventure, and the occasional blackouts seem to be inevitable, but one-night adventure goes out of hand, or at least she thinks, because she wakes up in a hotel room, next to a man, and he is dead, but the only thing here is that she, again, had a blackout, and does not remember if she killed him or someone else. 

Gimme Gimme

Where the iconic phrase “it’s Britney bxtch!” comes from! In this song, we can interpret how she goes “crazy” when the lights are off, how she wants to go the extra mile for him, how she enjoys his public display of affection, and how she feels like there is no one else in the room, beautiful and sexy isn’t it? For these reasons and the rest of the lyrics, we picked:

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

To vary a bit the genres, we have non-fiction! Lissa Taddeo followed the lives of three women and their journeys through desire, heartbreak, and infatuation. One woman’s marriage lost its passion, and she found it again on an old flame. A teenager who has a relationship with her English teacher is in trouble. Another successful woman and wife, married to a man that enjoys seeing her having sex with other men and women. This is just the perfect fit for this song!

Yes, these are just five songs out of her whole set of albums and career, but they are as incredible and iconic as the rest! The stories in these books are engaging, sexy, and entertaining at their maximum, so:

Which ones are you picking next? 

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  1. Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books Avatar

    Ah I love this so much! Britney Spears was my childhood. Every song is a hit!

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    1. Caesar H. Avatar

      Fact!! That is exactly the point! Everybody one of her songs is iconic ❤️😂

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