11 book club questions for The Plot

If you are in the business of running book clubs or planning to start running yours, we have shared a few content that you can use on how to pick books and how to drive your book clubs. However, this post is another curated book club read for you and your friends!

Now, keep in mind that these are 11 book club questions everyone can answer. We have a Ko-Fi Subscription where we answer some of the most challenging questions available in our posts*! We encourage you to review the full review for a better understanding of the novel. Remember to read the review of this book to make sure you will enjoy it and that your friends and members will enjoy it too!

  1. What do you think about the phrase “Those that aren’t good at something, teach it”? Do you agree with that phrase?
  2. For you, what makes a book great? This is a question Jacob, the main character of the novel, struggles with, but all authors struggle with the perfect formula for a best-selling book, or not?
  3. What do you think about the phrase: “everybody can be an author”? Do you agree with that or do only specific people have the skills to write an incredible story?
  4. Based on the previous question, what do you think about indie or self-publish authors? Are they real authors?
  5. The novel goes around a “stolen” plot. Based on what happened in the book, would you have stollen the story?
  6. If someone gives you an idea and never executes it and then they die, are you really stealing the plot or the story?
  7. Is Samantha right? Is her story only hers for telling? or anybody can take someone’s life and write a book about it?
  8. What other examples of stolen stories and publications happen post-Morten?
  9. When did you realize the plot twist?
  10. What do you think drove Samantha to do the same thing to her daughter Maria?
  11. What is the role of religion in the novel?

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* For this post, we won’t have available the paid answers, since most of them are personal questions that anybody can answer without previous knowledge or study on the matter.

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