10 reasons why The Storygraph is the new fresh oasis for avid readers and authors

Many Booktubers and people active on the Book Community on Twitter have been complaining nonstop about the lack of care of Goodreads for readers, authors, and for the overall image of the site. 

My assumption for their outdated image and features relies on the fact that they don’t think there are other options for us to move to. Readers don’t use the site for interactions or to make friends – don’t try, the site becomes super spammy if you comment on a post or join a group – but to keep track of your reading, and if that is why you are using it for, then I have great news! There is a better, fresher, and incredible new alternative that cares for its users: The Storygraph.

We have joined the site starting October and couldn’t be happier about the change. The last time I used Goodreads was to get my data and then BYE, don’t call me again not even when you start caring for users, but let me showcase to you why The Storygraph is 1000 years superior that Goodreads.

#1 It feeds from your old Goodreads data

If you think you don’t want to start from scratch here, don’t be afraid. Download your data and upload it to The Storygraph, and in a few minutes, your account is up and running! Reviews, ratings, shelves, and all are migrated!

#2 The Shelves / Tags

With The Storygraph, you have a build-in “DNF shelf”. Don’t need to go to settings and follow complicated steps, this new site has already the option to catalog which books you are not finishing and that won’t affect your challenge, and you can even create new tags/shelves!

#3 Challenges!

The Storygraph allows you to create a book challenge for the year. Wanna read 5000 books this year? Fine do it… what if you want to read 6000 PAGES this year? YOU CAN DO IT! The settings allow you to change your challenges from book to pages.

And what I am most shocked about: you can do readathons!!! You can host your challenges and people can follow and participate in them! Stay tuned for the upcoming challenges that we will be creating!

Also, I hope they soon have a mixed challenge of pages, minutes listened to and books haha

#4 Plan your TBR

This might sound anticlimactic, but it is not! Just like other reading sites, you can tag your books as “to read” or “currently reading” which is fine… but you can also add them to the tag “up next” ❤️

Let your followers and friends know what you are planning on reading next! And the best part: if you are part of the Plus plan*, you get tailored book recommendations from your TBR based on your current reading. In other words, it helps you dig into your TBR!

#5 Remember what you have read or what you have added!

Another feature that I really like is that the “To Read” tag or my “5-start raitings” are randomized! This means that when I get into the app, I can see books that I added 3 years ago or books that I rated 5 years ago!

I am not sure if this happens to you, but sometimes I forget what I have read, but when I see it I remember that I read it, so this feature helps you remember those old books.

#6 Get readers insights from the book itself!

There is a whole feature that will help you understand better the book you are planning to read. The Storygraph goes around the premise of mood readers and that sometimes we might be in a mood for an emotional and hopeful novel, but other times, we will be more into a fast-paced, funny, and challenging read.

However, some readers are more into character development and if the book is plot or character-driven, and The Storygraph will give you all that information! Also, it has triggers and warnings embedded in the insights! Something Goodreads hasn’t even dream of having!

I moved to @thestorygraph because @inkishkingdoms convinced me! Follow Inkish Kingdoms in Storygraph and join the best reader community there is!

#7 Get insights on your reading habits

Another feature Goodreads can’t fandom on having! The Storygraph will tell you what genre you like most “Fiction” or “Non-Fiction”. If you are into mysterious, dark, funny, tense, etc reads. If you read more physical or digital books. If you read more fast, slow, or medium pace books. Your favorite genres and authors, and other historical data!

#8 Make it your own!

Sometimes, some books might be incomplete on the site, but you can fix that. You can add the book, add the details, the cover, the formats, and add it to the catalog.

#9 Community for the community!

The Storygraph listens to its 500K plus users! They wanted improvements on the community, so they started working on improvements for the community! Book clubs are gonna be implemented, buddy reads, the friend mechanics of having friends, and follow reviews. Right now you can like updates but soon you can comment on them. They are also implementing nonintrusive notifications.

And all this happens because they constantly ask people through Instagram and Twitter, what they like and what they want to improve the site. Storygraph does listen to users, not only when things go south…

#10 Support entrepreneurs!*

Nadia Odunayo is the founder and CEO of The Storygraph, and not only is The Storygraph, an indie project but it was founded by a black woman! That is why they have the option for a Plus Plan for the site.

With Plus you will be:

  1. Investing on a Goodreads alternative. You’ll help them stay independent, ad-free, and constantly improving.
  2. Have a first sit to vote and comment on upcoming features and improvements, and still they will ask your opinion and reply to your feedback on social media!
  3. Advanced stats on your reading and recommendations.

You should totally check the site and the app because we are sure that you will love it! The app is really light so you can also free space on your phone. Inkish Kingdoms really recommends joining this site and put your effort, energy, and information where they will use it for your own good.

I am even thinking of offering my freelancing time to help Nadie Odunayo on creating some badass help pages!

Hope you like the post and you like what we wrote! If you follow us on The Storygraph let us know on Twitter! We will follow you right back!

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