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Editorial Review: As Vaan Made Us by Jonathan Sobe | Inkish Kingdoms

Jonathan Sobe hands over As Vaan Mase Us a crusade of survival, treason, and hope. A gripping dystopian novel narrated through intricate points of view and storylines that profess how the narrow lines between war and theology can bring up or down entire societies.
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Humanity broke the world after several holy wars. Jish joined the army that killed in the Lord’s name and was part of a system that rejected him. Lashel is no princess but has been dating a holy prince until she breaks free and finds her voice and will to fight. Tak, contrary to everybody, had a sacred purpose since he was born and the doom or salvation of the world lays in his shoulders.

As every story should, As Vaan Made Us starts with the exposition of the world and the characters. Slowly but with a defined purpose, Jonathan Sobe introduces the characters that will play a crucial role during the novel while developing in detail the world that surrounds them. Personalities, purposes, and missions in an indomitable land of violence and vices are essential elements to mature the story and its conflict.

Holy Wars and the destruction of the world are part of the human unconscious. Understanding the current political, religious, and health affairs of the world, the reader can question to what extent is the novel a purely fictional work. However, the question persists how possible is it for humanity to repeat the same mistakes of inducing war through faith? 

Faith has become a military industry.

As Vaan Made Us by Jonathan Sobe

Through a narrating technique of multiple points of view, Jonathan Sobe challenges the reader to follow the intricate plot of the novel while allowing the reader to know Lashel, Tak, and Jish more intimately. However, once the reader assimilates the narrating structure, the different stories clash with brutal and supernatural forces in a plot twist of bad omens and fiery skies.

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