Buy Amazon and Goodreads reviews: Not a good idea…

If you are looking for an Amazon review agency or a place where you can buy Amazon or Goodreads reviews, this is not your place because we do not offer such a service, and you should think twice before following that path. 

Experts have shared that Amazon products need at least 25 reviews to gain traction in discoverability and ranking. However, the constant manipulation of reviews impacted customer trust, and being the most customer-centric company, Amazon values customer trust and is at the lookup to constantly improve customer experience. 

Amazon improved its review policies, and the company has strengthened its process of rejecting or accepting a review. If Amazon determines fraud, they will not only remove the reviews you bought or requested, but they could even suspend the accounts involved so you could lose your investment.


Now, what about Goodreads?

Starting from the lack of interest of the site towards authors and readers, this site has a few cons for reviews. Yes, some readers will go to Goodreads to find new books, the site will recommend books, and reviews will play a role when selecting a book, and no place on the internet will explain how the Goodreads algorithm works, assuming they even have one, and if there is any documentation, it is from 2010, which is not that bad since Goodreads has not updated much of their site in the last century.

Most of the information given at the beginning of this article applies to Goodreads as well. This platform, which is also part of the Amazon Company, has been, allegedly, a gigantic “support” system for authors and readers. Any book launch will include Goodreads as one of the main sites for people to discover new books, so reviews are necessary, and readers will read through any fake review and spot a sock account just by clicking on it– Yes, you opened the account one day after the book was released; you gave it five stars, and that is the only book you have read ever… such a coincidence.

But… why Goodreads trustworthiness has failed authors and readers? This is a well-known issue because even the Times and Yahoo News have raised the flag about review booming, racist attacks, and extortion on Goodreads reviews and their slow-motion towards action…

So if you can leave a negative review and low ratings and nothing much is done, you can also leave positive reviews and high ratings that we can spot and easily flag- both having an impact on your hard work. For these reasons, if you want to ask for reviews, do not buy them as that will probably be taken out, accounts will be removed, and you will be losing your money…

Keep in mind that  “low ratings” are not bad for your image or the image of your book or product. However, “low ratings” are highly subjective, some people will consider 3-star ratings to be negative ratings, but others will consider 4-star ratings something unacceptable, and most of these review agencies will give 5-start ratings and generic comments on your book, and any consumer will see through those knowing that they aren’t trustworthy. 

This is why we recommend investing in editorial book reviews, Inkish Kingdoms is a page of professional readers who read and do editorial book reviews. We offer Editorial Reviews that can be added to retail detail pages or to your book – see it as a testimonial of professional readers vouching for your hard work

How to spot fake reviews or sock accounts?


  • If they have almost no reviews, it is probably a sock account.
  • If they have almost no ratings, it is probably a sock account.
  • If they don’t have daily updates or updates at all, it is probably a fake account or that nobody uses it.
  • No highlights? No notes? No challenges? No friends? Almost sure it is a sock account

Based on this information, you should think twice about buying generic and fake reviews that could be removed by the platforms. Yes, reviews are necessary, and the more the better, but quantity will never overpass quality. Instead of buying fake reviews, consider putting your money where is worth it and hire professionals for your editorial book reviews! 

Stay tuned to Inkish Kingdoms Help Center for authors to find other ways to give traction to your book and many other endeavors!

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