17 book club questions for The Husbands by Chandler Baker

Run your own book club with this guide! Ask your neighbors, ask your coworkers, and have an amazing experience and conversation.

The Husbands by Chandler Baker will give you hours of entertainment and of discussion. There is nothing like reading a book and having another group of people to discuss and express your ideas and emotions about the book. The Husbands will have a deep impact on how you see your life either at home or at work.

If you need help running your own book club, we count on multiple resources like how to pick your book, how to drive your meeting, and what to ask, and if you need the answers, feel free to sign up for our small plan of Ko-Fi! Where we have some of the answers for some of these questions! And if you just want to join a book club, check this out!

Everything was well researched, analyzed, so have fun reading! We handled already the rest! Also, check our review to have a general grasp of the book!

Icebreaker questions

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  1. Since the pandemic, how many women become overworked by their jobs and homework?
  2. Why do men feel the need of being asked for help or to act instead of being proactive?
  3. Whose responsibility are the children and the homework? Why?
  4. Is it true that there are lazy passengers in life situations?
  5. Do a husband‘s career and profession been affected by having a pregnant wife?
  6. Now Nora’s boss: He is technologically inept, do you think that he would call a man to help him with the things he needs?
  7. Should we go to the extend of rewinding men’s brains to align more with women’s brains to eliminate the gap of the genres? Is it wrong that women are doing this? Would it be wrong for men to do this to women?

Discussion Question

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  1. Is motherhood a women’s task? If it isn’t, why is it that society does not support motherhood more? 
  2. Are women educated to think that they have to be able to do everything? In chapter 9, audiobook, minute 14. She is told that a client is proud of her for being a lawyer, with a kid and another one on the way. Nora felt she was falling behind with everything she has to do. Why?
  3. Some men are not proactive regarding house chores, what do you think is the reason for this? Does society play a role in how they were raised? 
  4. Why is it that men are priced and applauded when they do the minimum work at home?
  5. Why are women told that they are lucky if their husbands do something at home? Why are they lucky? Are men lucky if they have a stay home wife or a working wife? Why should women praise men’s contributions at home?
  6. Nora flips when her husband says that he helps her at home. Why does she get so upset? Why is the implication of “helping her”?

Let’s get technical! Feminism questions

  1. Can a husband know what a 50/50 is when they haven’t done the 100?
  2. What is the difference between the Stepford wives and the husbands?
  3. Nora’s dad joke about her not being maternal or that she was not made to be a mother, why do men joke about women’s maternity? Is she supposed to be a mother by default for just being a woman?
  4. Are pregnant workers protected by law? Or are they seen as a burden to the company? If yes, are men protected for being fathers? If the answer is no, why?

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