5 reasons why Kindle Unlimited is worth it

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?  I am gonna be straightforward with the answer: YES, IT IS WORTH SIGNING UP FOR KINDLE UNLIMITED! 

If you are here, you are the kind of reader that is looking for ways to read without restriction and read books free! So, you should totally consider signing up for Kindle Unlimited while reading this article, and you can do it from this post directly! No need to go anywhere else!

There are multiple reasons why Kindle Unlimited is worth it, so lets us start! 

Is reading with Kindle Unlimited Free? 

Yes and no. No, because you have to pay for Kindle Unlimited but that is just like $9.99 or you can find a sale of 30 or 60 days trial!

However, instead of paying $10 per book, you can read all books you want without paying anything extra. So if you read 20 books during one month, you will be paying $0.49 per book… THE SAVINGS! The more you read the less per book you “pay”!

So one of the best ways to use Kindle Unlimited for what it’s worth if you are a fast reader! 

Do I have to pay for audiobooks if I am part of Kindle Unlimited?

Yes and no! Something we have to have clear about Kindle Unlimited is that you can find any kind of book there, but you can’t expect all of them to be part of the BIG PUBLISHING HOUSES! You will find big publishing houses’ books, you can find indie publishing houses and self-publishing books. The same will happen with audiobooks. Some great Audiobooks will be part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription, so free, and others won’t, but you can get a lot of audiobooks that are paired with the Kindle ebook, so you can read and listen at the same time.


And, if you are not a fast reader, you can just listen to the audiobook to make the best out of the plan!

Remember that with Kindle Unlimited you are supporting a lot of people whose dream was to be a writer and they are finally able to do it!


What is included on Kindle Unlimited?

Every ebook that you see that has the “Kindle Unlimited” tag is part of the plan, but also, you can get extra content. For example, you can get three magazine subscriptions​ like “Women’s Health” or “People Magazine” and others!

Also, if you are into comics, graphic novels, and manga, you also have access to some of them! They have a great selection of titles to try out! 

Can I read anywhere with Kindle Unlimited?

Yes! I love that Kindle has its own app! I have it on my phone, tablet, and I have a Kindle device. If I am reading in bed and the next day I am making the line at the supermarket, I can just pull my phone and keep on reading where I left off last night! All you need is an internet connection!

Do I need a Kindle to use Kindle Unlimited? 

No, but you should! In the previous point, we mentioned that you can read on multiple devices, so you can carry your library with you everywhere without caring all your books with you! 


And reading on a Kindle Device is way different than reading on an iPad for example. They are light, comfortable, the light does not damage your eyes, the screen mimics paper, they are waterproof! They are simply the best. We recommend you the Kindle Oasis for these 5 reasons.

  1. Customize your screen! Make the fonts bigger and the margins narrower! Or just change the font!
  2. Change the tone of your screen! Make it sepia, white or black! Adjust it to what you like better and on the time! I love reading with the warm light on and black background when I am reading in bed!
  3. Light off, on, or somewhere in between! You can adjust the light of the screen! Also, there is no blue light, perfect for reading before bed!
  4. Read by the pool, the beach, or under the rain!? This device is waterproof so no errors! Drink your wine while reading! It won’t get stained nor ruined!
  5. Listen to audiobooks, read ebooks, read with Kindle Unlimited! Everything on one single device! 6 weeks of battery life after 1 charge! (this might vary on Bluetooth usage, light settings, and wireless usage) 


As simple as that! These are the reasons why Kindle Unlimited is worth it! You can read as much as you want without paying per book! You can read and listen everywhere, and you can save tons of money! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles as to why ebooks are almost the best option than physical books, and why Audible is worth every penny!

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  1. mehsi Avatar

    I am still hoping hard that we will get KU in my country! We got an Amazon.nl site a few years ago… but so far still no KU. *is sad* I would just love having KU. I keep reading how amazing it is.


    1. Caesar H. Avatar

      Hmm you could still have it but you will need to change a few things in your account to be able to get it 😂😂


      1. mehsi Avatar

        Haha, maybe, but I am unsure if I want to try that, I know how Amazon can be. 🤣😝

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Caesar H. Avatar

        Hmm 🤔 I don’t think they will black you but don’t worry 😉 hope you get them soon ❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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