5 reasons why Audible is worth the money

We understand that some people prefer to eat buggers than try listening to audiobooks or read an ebook, and we have written about that. However, this is the perfect post for people new at Audiobooks or people thinking about trying it out! 

I have been listening to audiobooks none-stop for the last five years! and it has been the best experience ever! I research before getting a book! I read reviews, check ratings, and try the narrators first, so I have been 98% satisfied with my picks! 

But be honest, it was hard to develop that listening habit, but I managed to do it with a few actions that I am happy to share! So check my tips on how to create a listening habit! 

Unlimited Reading!

When you have an Audible subscription, you have unlimited reading! Do not let anybody tell you otherwise because you do! Audible implemented in 2020 a new feature called Plus Catalog! Without paying anything extra for the Plus titles, you can listen to audio shows, podcasts, and audiobooks! You can add unlimited titles and listen as much as you want as long as it has the “Included” orange tag!

If you want to try the service first, sign up for the Audible Plus plan for free or for only $7.95! With it, you will have full access to the Plus selection!


Best Books for way less!

Let’s get this straight! Audiobooks tend to be more expensive than regular books, and I will explain to you why! 

  1. We have the writer. They have to get paid for their work of writing the book.
  2. We have the publisher. They have to get paid for all the publishing work that they do (marketing, covers, editing, and logistics of dealing with retailers)
  3. We have the narrator: this is an “expense” only available for the audiobook because they need someone to narrate the book.
  4. We have the audio edition. On top of the general editing of the book, they need to edit the audio files.

We are sure there are more processes involved to produce audiobooks, but we “asume” those are the basic requirements.

So yes, they tend to be more expensive than a regular ebook or paper book. You can buy audiobooks in other places like Google Books, but they will charge you $20+ for an audiobook, but with Audible you pay less with the subscription. Let me elaborate:

  1. Credits: you get credits with the Premium Plus plans. If you have the Premium Plus plan of 1 credit, you pay $14,95, and you get all the benefits mentioned in this article. YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR CREDITS. YOU ARE PAYING FOR A SET OF BENEFITS (keep that in mind). Once you see a book you want, you will see its three prices.
    1. Full-price: the price you will be paying without a plan
    2. Member price: the price you pay for being a member (30% off full-price)
    3. Free with a credit: exchange one of your credits for the book. Just like you do with your Book Of the Month Subscription

For example, you could buy “Will” by Will Smith for $35, $24.5 (30%off), or one credit (not paying anything extra than the subscription fee).

Also, some big publishing house audiobooks are part of Plus, so check this out: BESTSELLERS INCLUDED IN THE PLUS CATALOG.

Listen over and over again!

Audible is not a library, and the subscription is to make your life easier when BUYING books, but with the Plus you get the “library” experience with the Plus books.

So when you have Audible you are buying books and building your digital bookshelf of audiobooks, and real avid readers will re-read their favorite books and rediscover their favorite stories multiple times. 


Discounts every single day!

When you are part of the Audible Premium Plus plans, you also have access to exclusive sales! 

  1. Daily Deals: Remember that audiobooks are more expensive? Well, with Audible you get the daily deals! Every day, there is a different book that you can get for $6 or less! So imagine getting an audiobook for $3 that was $30!!
  2. BOGO SALES: We all know what a BOGO sale is! Get 2 for 1, or 3 for 2! So, they do this with credits. If you have credits, you can buy X amount of books for X amount of credits! And yes, you have to be a Premium Plus member because that is the only way to get credits!

They have different sales year-around, so turn on your email notifications!

Keep up with the News!

You can find how to turn this on on their Help Pages, but you can have free subscriptions to either the New York Times or Wall Street Journal! These are small “chapters” like 30 minutes each about the daily news! So, keep up with what is going on! 

Are you also an Audible user? What other benefits make your Audible experience way better?

Success! You're on the list.

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  1. frayedbooks Avatar

    I’m an on and off Audible member and recently joined again, and was pleasantly surprised by the Plus Catalog! I’ve found some amazing stories in the Audible Originals category that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise too, its been fantastic! I love the Daily Deals & sales they sometimes have too – its nice to pick up an audiobook for cheaper without using my monthly credit. Excellent post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caesar H. Avatar

      Yeii!! Good to know tu ay you liked it and that it added value to your experience! Hopefully you Kiel the upcoming series of other ways to take advantage of it!! The plus is the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

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    […] We have been sharing the wonders of Audible and how to make the best out of their small-priced subscription! You can either sign up for the Plus Membership or the Premium Plus Membership! […]


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