6 Different Ways to Drive a Reading Challenge

Avid readers are avid supporters of reading challenges! Reading and listening to audiobooks is fun, but gamification of reading is even better! The old, boring, and archaic Goodreads gives only 1 type of challenge, but the amazingly, new and fresh Storgygraph allows you to create your reading or listening challenge! And the best part? You can invite people to your challenge! So you can do multiple at the time that is aligned with your yearly goals!

Need ideas on how to create your challenges and share them? Then you should read below the different options for your yearly reading challenge!

  • Read X amount of books
  • read X amount of pages
  • Read only Big Books
  • Listen to Only Long Books
  • Read X ebooks, X physical books, X audiobooks.
  • Read by genre!

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Read X amount of books.

When you are part of Storygraph, you can set your regular reading challenge to read a total amount of books. There isn’t much to explain. You can select to read 300 books for the year and stress over the year to achieve it!

Read X amount of pages.

Although the boring Goodreads tells you that you have read X amount of pages, you can’t set a reading challenge based on that, but Storgraph allows you to add to your challenge a total amount of pages. So what if you do not want to stress over the number of books but the number of pages? For 2021, we read 12,164 pages! So I guess that my page challenge will be to read around 12K pages a year!

Read Only Big Books.

You can add prompts to your reading challenge that will help you go over your TBR. You can also push yourself to read more of a specific book type. In my case, I get intimidated by big series or long books, so why not add that as a prompt reading 14 big books like IT by Stephen King or A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara? (That also can push your page challenge!)

Listen to Only Long Books.

I also get intimidated by long audiobooks, you tell me 20 hours or more, and I say no. So why not push yourself again out of your comfort zone? Listen to longer audiobooks! Set a number and go for it!

Read X ebooks, X physical books, X audiobooks.

On the same line as before, your reading challenge can have extra prompts to read more diverse books or in different formats! What if you set to read five ebooks, 40 physical books, and ten audiobooks? That way, you keep reading what you like in the formats that you prefer while still getting used to the new ones! Remember Netgally only gives you digital ARCs, so why not count them as part of your challenge and not take advantage of them?

Read By Genre

Discover new genres, read outside your comfort genres, and discover new stories and worlds. Add a prompt to read five romance novels, two young adult books, three coming of age stories, and 78 fantasy books. They all add up to your total of the year, and you will see lovely reading numbers and diversity on your reading!

Remember that Storgygraph gives you insights into your reading! It will tell you your favorite moods, your favorite genres, and formats! Know your reading habits and share your success with the world! Reading is fun, and when you get to know yourself better, reading becomes another level of excitement! 

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