How to listen to more audiobooks this year?

We have been sharing the wonders of Audible and how to make the best out of their small-priced subscription! You can either sign up for the Plus Membership or the Premium Plus Membership!

I will go for the Premium Plus Membership since you can listen to all you can from the catalog but still have the chance to get credits for other books. However, if you are on a tight budget, go for the Plus Membership since you can at least listen to 18 books without paying anything extra!

I have heard many people saying that they do not have time to read or they are too busy to listen to audiobooks, and although that might be true, that is not a real excuse to stop listening to audiobooks. Why? because you don’t need to sit put for 3 hours to listen to an audiobook, so how do you get to listen to more books? We have a few tips that can help you!

  1. Develop a listening habit!
  2. Use your dead-time to listen to audiobooks!
  3. Make house chores more fun with audiobooks!
  4. Block the world with your earphones!
  5. Exercise your body and brain!

Develop a listening habit!

We have already shared how to develop a listening habit! But it is worth revisiting! Listening to audiobooks counts as reading, count for your reading challenge, and don’t be a snob! Listen to audiobooks, read ebooks, read a book, do what makes you happy! 

As a recommendation: start small! Don’t dive into a 24-hour audiobook when starting. Start with a short one or something you have already read! 

I will recommend these Audible Shows because their chapters show, and you can try one small chapter per day! Easy to dive into, enjoy, and makes your goals look more achievable!

Hot White HeistSlushySantuario

Use your dead-time to listen to audiobooks!

Think about a moment in your life where you cannot read? Got it? Then I am almost sure you can listen to an audiobook when doing that!

If you are gardening, driving, commuting, walking your dog, mowing the garden, taking out the trash, jogging around the neighborhood, fixing your car, or going to the supermarket are perfect moments to crunch in some listening time! Trust me, doing this will make your life more enjoyable! I once spent 3 hours in a traffic jam without moving, and I listened to a whole Audible audio show, and I didn’t even mind!

Make house chores more fun with audiobooks!

Something like the previous point! Think about a house chore you hate doing because it takes time away from your “me time”? Ready? Then again, you can crunch in some listening time there! 

I love doing the laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and getting the whole house clean, and I can spend all day doing that because I also get a lot of listening done! 

Block the world with your earphones!

If you have to use public transportation, the least I want to do is talk to strangers and even less since the pandemic started. I like to be sitting minding my own business and zoon out to my great stories! People complain that we spend a lot of time on social media or stuck to our phones, but there is nothing wrong if we are making the best out of that time.

With audiobooks, you open the app, look for the book, tap on it, and it will play. Then you block your phone and dream away! Nobody will talk to you if you are wearing your earphones!

Exercise your body and brain!

Audiobooks were the only thing that kept me going back to the GYM because I had run for 1-hour, and I got to do that while listening to multiple Audiobooks! Yes, since running is something simple that requires little attention, I zone out when running, so I put my 99% attention into the audiobook!

Without realizing it, the time was over, and I was already 1 hour and 30 minutes into my audiobook! I was finishing 6-hour books in a week! 

All these tips come from experience, and I have saved myself from a bus ride talking to someone I don’t want to talk to. Earphones and audiobooks help you ignore the world, and most importantly: people!

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