How to market your book using TikTok?

TikTok has become the new place to be! This network allows you to grow immensely with constant work, videos, but what is more important is that TikTok allows you to build a community of readers that could potentially read your book and help you hit the top charts on sales!

However, how can we do that? How can we use the platform that has 1 billion active users? or how can we make sales using TikTok? How can I use TikTok to market my book? Well, it might be simpler than what you think. 

1. TikTok’s algorithm is more approachable and friendly

By default, the algorithm will show your content to other accounts similar to the accounts of your followers, but this will be done on a lower scale, if you want your content to be boosted, then you need to comply with certain requirements. 

We need to understand that this is like any other algorithm. So, what makes content good for the TikTok algorithm to boost it? Regular markers like:

  1. Views (hopefully people watching your videos in full)
  2. Shares (users already consider your content good, so they share it with other people, which takes us back to bullet a.
  3. Interactions (people like to interact with you and your content – this means that users do duets and stitches, and even comments because they want to be part of your content)
  4. I would say Tags in comments so that other people get to see the content (we kind of go back to point 3.)

The algorithm will use these KPIs to boost your videos because it will consider that your content is doing good and others might enjoy it too.

2. Followers are important… but not that important.

Contrary to other algorithms, TikTok’s will use how well your previous content performed. So, if your previews videos failed epically, your new videos might not perform at their best… but if your previous videos did amazingly, the odds will be in your favor of good performance. 

What does this mean? Quality matters! Uploading just to upload might not be the best strategy… Create your strategy and plan your content… don’t upload just to upload. 


3. Make sure that you understand your goal and audience

We all want to be viral, but being viral does not mean being successful unless your audience is the world… So if you are looking to entertain just for the sake of entertaining, then going viral for anything will be your end goal, but what if you are trying to give visibility to your book? Do you want non-readers to see your videos? Maybe yes, but the goal here is readers.

Being viral without a goal might not translate to followers, sales, and interactions… So, jump into the trends with a plan: craft your content around your book or books in general. 

4. Plan your content before posting anything

Marketing-wise, they have always said that you have to follow four pillars like educate, entertain, sell, and inspire. Now, you do not have to do all that, but you can craft your content around that.

For example:

  1. create content about your book that entertains (jokes, trends, audios adjusted to your book)
  2. educate others about your book (tell your stories, inspirations, writing process) 
  3. entertain others by making “fun” of your stories, inspirations, writing process, and struggles as a writer
  4. Inspire people to read your book by telling your stories, inspirations, writing process, and struggles as a writer
  5. Inspire people to read your book by sharing “bad experiences”, “bad reviews” and even better good reviews/comments about your book 

Doing this you are not yelling at people on the internet to buy your book, but you are subtly putting your book out there in people’s minds. To give an example:

An author shared how reviews were “condemning” their book since it had sexually diverse characters and people were so upset about this, but sharing those comments in a funny way, they got their book a certain level of virality over other networks, and their book was boosted by handers of social media users.

Social Media is hard and merciless, but when you managed to create your community it might take you to 1 billion places! Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there! 

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