22 Book Club Questions for Little Fires Everywhere

With Inkish Kingdoms, you can and will have the most amazing book clubs with your coworkers, neighbors, and family members!

Nothing like reading a book and discussing it with other people! They will have different interpretations, and opinions and they might even see things that you didn’t see in the beginning! Add to that experience will think questions and some of our tips on how to drive an amazing book club, and you will have a blast!

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers to these questions, they might know them for you, but you know that is better than going blindly into this meeting? Knowing an idea already or all the answers you need to impress everybody and drive the love for reading! So check the questions below and sign up for our Ko-Fi monthly plan that gives you access to all the book club questions that we have asked on our page!

Read our full review of this book below, this will give you even more information to think about when driving this book club!

Specific about the novel

  1. Where do you see privilege in the novel? 
  2. What do you think about Mrs. Richardson’s “charitative work” of renting the house cheaper?
  3. How are both families different besides money?
  4. What are the main differences between Mia and Mrs. Richardson?
  5. Mrs. Richardson seems to be on a higher moral ground than Mia, why is that?

Opinion questions #freeanswers

  1. Who has the right over the baby? Without getting into law or legalities, who should keep the baby and why?
  2. Is Mrs. McCulloughs the victim? Why? Is she really “poor Mrs. McCollughs”?
  3. Are the McCulloughs being heroes for adopting a Chinese child?
  4. “A mother deserves to raise her child. A mother who abandoned her child did not deserve a second chance.” What do you think about this statement?
  5. Is Bebe a bad mother? Does she deserve a second chance? Or is Mrs. Richardson right that she shouldn’t get the baby? Or is she still assuming and making judgments without knowing the full story? 
  6. What makes someone a mother? Biology or love?
  7. Do you think that Mrs. Richarson is a “Karen”?
  8. Do you think that the McCoulloughs had in mind to expose the child to Chinese culture or they started thinking about that just because of the case against them?
  9. Who is Lizzy’s mother at the end? Mrs. Richardson or Mia? What makes a mother?

Complicated Questions

  1. Mrs. McCulloughs and Mr. McCulloughs are breaking down racism by adopting a Chinese child?
  2. On page 153, the McCulloughs are being asked what they will do to expose the child to her heritage, and they sad that they are having some paintings on their walls and that the child is already eating rice. What is the problem with that?
  3. Do you think that taking the baby to a Chinese restaurant once a month is exposing her to Chinese culture? Isn’t the adoptive parents falling into stereotypical elements of “Chinese culture” like buying her a panda instead of a teddy bear?
  4. Do you think that adopting a minority child will break the cycle of poverty or will the cycle of poverty break if we make a change in the system?
  5. Is it Bebe at fault for being paid a minimum wage that isn’t enough to survive? 
  6. Why is it that they keep saying “when she is older we will expose her to Chinese culture”?
  7. Are the McCollughs the scapegoats of American society to embody racism and discrimination through microaggressions?
  8. “A family that doesn’t see race” why is that statement problematic coming from a Mrs. Richardson?

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