16 book club questions for Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You is one of the reasons why I love gender fiction and literary fiction. My obsession with this kind of book started with this heartbreaking and intriguing novel.

A novel that we have read once and listened to once. The author is amazing and her novels have become a must-read for Inkish Kingdoms. Therefore, we decided to create this list of book club questions and discussion questions for people to read this novel and read it like a professor and understand the many underlining issues the novel exposes.

We have also had a review that will provide some insights into the novel that could even help us understand the novel at a deeper level.

You can always get the answers to these questions by joining our Ko-Fi Book Club Subscription here. However, we also provide tips on how to pick your book club books and how to drive your book club.

Personal Questions

  1. 1958: what do you think about the law that prohibited “mix marriages”?
  2. Do parents idealize their children? Do they know them or just the idea of their children? What makes a parent so blind about their kids? Is there on fear of failing?

Literary Questions

  1. What does the cooking book symbolize in the story?
  2. Where do you see the archetype of the Scapegoat hero in the novel?
  3. Where do we possibly see a Faustian bargain in the novel?

Specific Question

  1. What is the implication that Lydia is Marylin’s favorite?
  2. Why is Lydia’s mother so resentful of her husband?
  3. Based on the last question, isn’t that Marylin’s responsibility as well, or does the blame falls on her husband?
  4. Why are all of James and Marilyn’s hopes put on Lydia? 
  5. What is the impact this obsession with Lydia had on the other children?
  6. “She has never seen an oriental before and he didn’t sound like they have told her they will sound” do you think that this lack of exposure is what leads to stereotypical depiction and racist behaviors? 
  7. Marylin and James wanted their kids to have better lives and experiences than them, or did they want to leave through their kids?
  8. What are silent agreements or contracts we do with the things?
  9. How do we see the choice in the novel? Did Lydia choose to be a doctor, or was her mother choosing for her?

Feminism Questions

  1. Where and how do we see sexism in schools?
  2. Are both fathers’ and mothers’ lives affected by equality when a child is born?

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